Bucsit: She has a problem

    “I heard she is suffering from a personality problem.”

    Senior Supt. Pierre Bucsit, Angeles City Police Office director, said of his accuser, Filipino-American Maribel Langley-Van Keulen.

    In a short phone interview, Bucsit vehemently denied all allegations of Langley-Van Keulen against him and two other police officers, dismissing them as “without basis.”

     “Many of the charges she filed with the Ombudsman and other courts of law had been dismissed for lack of merit,” said Bucsit without going to details. He added that the accuser had allegedly made a habit of charging city police directors since the time of Senior Supt. Jimmy F. Restua who is now deputy regional director of the National Bureau of Investigation at the Clark Freeport.  

    Turning the tables on his accuser, Bucsit alleged: “I was told Langley-Van Keulen had wanted to take out women from bars for free.” 

    Bucsit said he has yet to receive a copy of the latest complaint of Langley-Van Keulen.


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