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San Simon Local Government boosting COVID-19 vaccination


The Municipality of San Simon has already vaccinated 74% of its online registrants, and aims to increase this number with the implementation of DVAS and development of a centralized vaccination site

Since its inception in July, the DVAS has helped increase the doses administered in San Simon’s Vaccination Roll Out, doubling the number from June to August. The Municipality has already vaccinated 74% of its registrants under the DVAS.


San Simon, Pampanga —  Committed to building a safe and secure community amidst the continuously rising COVID-19 cases in the country, San Simon Acting Mayor Leonora Wong brings efficient vaccination systems and financial assistance to Simonians.

Under the leadership of Wong, the Municipality of San Simon officially implemented the use of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Vaccination Administration System or DVAS to make vaccination processes more efficient.

“San Simon has become one of the earliest municipalities to implement the DVAS in Pampanga. As we work towards achieving a safer community, we hope this newly implemented process encourages more Simonians to get vaccinated,” said Wong.

Since Wong took over as Acting Mayor in July, the number of vaccinated people in San Simon has more than doubled. As of the end of August, San Simon has been able to roll-out vaccinations amounting to over 9,400 total doses administered, resulting in a total of over 4,200 people now fully vaccinated. This increase in the number of vaccinated people in San Simon is largely due to Wong’s active encouragement of vaccination for Simonians, and the development of a centralized vaccination site that has increased capacity to vaccinate 600 people per day.

To reach herd immunity, San Simon targets to vaccinate about 41,998 people or 70% of its population. Helping achieve this goal, Wong has also built a new isolation facility, and constantly disinfects areas with reported COVID-19 cases.

Establishing a safe and convenient vaccination process for Simonians, the DVAS provides a streamlined system with paperless procedures for registration, screening, vaccination, and monitoring. As digitizing the process makes it contactless, DVAS allows Simonians to sign-up from their own homes and deters transmission of the virus.

Promoting efficiency and productivity, the implementation of the DVAS has cut down processing time in half, from 20 minutes to 10 minutes or less. Citizens can also pre-register online to secure a slot for the COVID-19 Vaccination Program on the official San Simon website. To date, nearly 11,000 people have registered online, of which 74% have already been fully vaccinated.

Further strengthening COVID-19 efforts in San Simon, Wong also provides financial assistance to those affected by the pandemic, including medical aid, food allocations, and even burial expenses.

Allowances are also given to displaced laborers due to the pandemic, encouraging small livelihood and supporting the growth of local businesses.

Leading Simonians through an inclusive and effective governance, Wong emphasized that implementing proper systems for COVID-19 efforts is vital to ensure the health and safety of the community, and San Simon’s eventual economic recovery.

To set an appointment for vaccination, please visit https://www.sansimonpampanga.gov.ph/

For more information about the financial assistance for those affected by COVID-19, Simonians can reach out to the Municipal Social and Welfare Development Office (MSWDO) at mswdsansimon@yahoo.com



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