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Rising from Bart’s Grocery L.A. Bakeshop ‘home of the original cheese bread’


IF L.A. Bakeshop brings to mind such a sincere feeling of comfort and familiarity for Kapampangans, it’s because this is a brand that was home-born. Despite its success, it continues to be very much a family business running on family core values, not to mention its strict adherence to the original bread recipes.

Lim family of L.A. Bakeshop
Lim family of L.A. Bakeshop

We look back at what tickled our palates in the mid-80s, when we passed by that tiny L.A. Bakeshop at the strip of the San Fernando old public market – and virtually smell all that goodness in its freshly baked breads…delectably delightful! Ah, how we never failed to buy a piece or two or more of the best sellers hot pandesal and soft buttery milky cheese bread for snack or family pasalubong.

“From a small Bart’s grocery store in San Fernando, parents Bart (+) and Angie Lim shifted to a bakery business. While starting up a family and raising the children, it was making the best of something that they already have and loved doing,” Bunny Lim, L.A. Bakeshop co-owner told Punto.

In 1985, L.A. Bakeshop was born, churning out their signature pandesal, pandesito, cheese bread and Spanish bread that drew a steady stream of customers started every single day. Fast forward, 26 years later, the first L.A. Bakeshop branch opened in Dolores, City of San Fernando, marking the brand’s full expansion with totally different look like brick walls and modern design, official yellow L.A. logo and new systems and processes all applied to serve their customers better.

“We wanted to continue the legacy bequeathed to us by our parents. Sure, there are many challenges along the way but we are coping. And to stay relevant in the food scene, we make sure to offer an interesting product lineup, “ Bunny shared.

L.A. Bakeshop offers a wide array of heavenly confection of breads on their menu – a collection of bestsellers and food trends and innovations like Ube Cheesedesal, Ube Ensaymana, Ube Bunn and Choco Munchies.

At present, L.A. Bakeshop has six branches (including the newest branch in Barangay Salapungan Angeles City) with the Lim siblings hoping to open more within and outside Pampanga.

Flagship branch Mc Arthur Highway, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga, 0915-0744294 , store hours 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. or visit FB page at L.A. Bakeshop.

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