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Forest BBQ – Serving the finest Korean Teppan in town


PERHAPS TWO of the familiar associations one can make with Korean food are Kimchi and Samgy. But there’s more to Korean food than just these popular dishes. Korean Teppan is one thing that takes you by surprise and its available daily at Forest Barbecue Express.

This reverence to authentic Korean cuisine is what Forest BBQ is all about – dishes with straightforward and bold flavors served in an al fresco setting where you can relax, revel in the forest-style ambiance and enjoy great food with friends and family.

Korean Teppan is the newest offering of Forest BBQ. And what an exciting way to dine! Everything is cooked on iron griddle infront of you by the chef, enjoying the best food and fun experience with the spectacular fire show.

Asked of the difference between Japanese and Korean Teppan, Allaine Tan owner of Forest BBQ, explains that one notable thing about Korean BBQ is that it is typically served with many interesting dishes referred to as banchan compared to Japanese BBQ. Common banchan side dishes are kimchi, dried squid, fishcakes, pickled radishes, and potato salad.

“If you order Korean BBQ at a restaurant, you should expect banchan to be served alongside it, serve as an accompaniment for the meal not an appetizer. Japanese BBQ, on the other hand, is usually only accompanied by a selection of raw vegetables that are served together with the grilled meat,” she furthers.

Forest BBQ Korean Teppan offers diverse set menus which include quality rib eye steak with the intriguing “Soju” gravy, Korean marinade chicken and pork barbecue, signature forest fried rice or kimchi fried rice, soy marinated shrimp, signature doejang mixed vegetables and fish cake and assorted side dishes.

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