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Rejecting Marcos Jr. no longer a preference but a moral responsibility as a Catholic student  


IT IS true that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is no different than) his late father. He was complicit during the time of Martial Law where in fact, he even participated in it as a government official. He enjoyed the ill-gotten wealth of his family and until now he refuses to acknowledge the crimes that his family has done in the past.

With that, it is clear as day that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has directly enabled the Marcos regime, so what is stopping him from doing the same when he is elected into office? Especially that he already has an arsenal of tools for a De facto Martial Law thanks to his predecessor, President Duterte.

Taking a stand against Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is a responsibility that students of Holy Angel University should seriously consider. It is no longer a matter of political preferences but a crucial decision that will determine the future of our generation.

We must keep in mind as well our virtues not only as Catholics but as responsible citizens of our country. We remind our fellow students and alumni that one of our core values is social responsibility which means that we work for economic efficiency, social justice, and environmental stewardship.

Supporting Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who is running for the highest position in the government with no platforms, but carrying only his will to bring back his family into the Malacanang, who is a direct enabler of Martial Law, and who refuses to acknowledge the atrocities of his family is against the values that our University had taught us.

To our fellow Angelites, integrity, excellence, and community are also part of our core values. We must transform these core values into practice.

In today’s present time where misinformation and the propaganda machinery of the Marcos family are on the high throttle, we must take the extra steps in engaging our family, friends, and even strangers who support Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and his enablers.

We should never support a Martial law enabler, a tax evader, a thief, a murderer, and a pathological liar. Let us support candidates who will bring forward platforms and agendas that will help the Filipino people and not those who simply want to bring back their corrupted family into power.

Most importantly, we must participate in any way we can whether it is in social media, or in the communities where the real voters are situated in. Let us convince them not through personalities but through the platforms and agendas that other candidates will bring to the table something that Ferdinand Marcos Jr. lacks.

(Statement of The Angelite, Holy Angel University, Angeles City, Nov. 7, 2021, in its FB page and printed as is)



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