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RedDoorz expands brand offering, launches a trendy, design-inspired hotel brand for the new normal travellers



  • RedDoorz’s aggressive expansion as a multi-brand accommodations platform now seeks to provide more hotel offers and travel experiences in the Philippines with its new hotel brand Sans Hotels.
  • The Department of Tourism (DOT) supports the diversification of hotels where RedDoorz’s road to recovery contribution plays a key role for the tourism industry.



MANILA, Philippines – RedDoorz, Southeast Asia’s (SEA) fastest-growing technology-driven hotel management brand, announced its new line of accommodations – Sans Hotels. Launched in a time when the entire tourism industry is still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of this latest lifestyle economy concept marks a new chapter for RedDoorz as it successfully maneuvers towards becoming a multi-brand accommodation platform. 

In the recent launch event with the Department of Tourism (DOT), RedDoorz and the DOT are anticipating strong local travel demands as the economy begins to reopen. Being one of the recognised standard tourism business in the country, RedDoorz even leveraged this milestone with the DOT to make Sans Hotels fully operational and provide more premium hotel offers.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been working closely with hotels like RedDoorz in driving better business operations for safe and fun domestic travels across the country. The firm has definitely taken advantage of the benefits and opportunities from the DOT’s accreditation requirements in order to meet new customer requirements and demands and new travel experiences. With their growing accredited Sans Hotels, we are delighted to witness broader opportunities for hotel owners to weather this pandemic,” said Dir. Virgilio Maguigad, Department of Tourism.

Sans Hotels is a trendy, economy lifestyle hotel brand that aims to provide vibrant experiences for customers at a low cost. Each hotel has a unique design, theme, and personality that is especially designed for the Gen Zs and millennials market who value the seamless integration of stylish comfort and smart technology. The first Sans Hotel is now open for travellers in Manila and will open more properties in Tagaytay City and Cebu City.

Its launch in the market also represents RedDoorz’s strategic expansion towards becoming a multi-brand accommodations platform by providing customers and potential hoteliers a new economic choice for their extended stay-ins in key strategic areas and new high-in-demand destinations.

“We are excited to grow with local hotel players in high demand cities for the new customer segment – the younger sector who are eager to go out and explore not only for staycations, but even for any kind of safe travels. With RedDoorz’ service guarantee that is guarantee and the strict implementation of hygiene and sanitation practices in all our properties, our multi-brand platform offers the owners an opportunity to leverage our footprint, user bases, technology, best practices, other assets, and solid experiences of our regional team,” said Miguel Capistrano, RedDoorz Philippines.

The current situation presented many growth possibilities for RedDoorz to contribute in the speed up of the industry’s recovery. RedDoorz is focusing on the digitalization of its consumer and partner assets, and launching tangible & impactful initiatives as it improves its business operations with the help of government partners and other stakeholders, 

DOT acknowledges the need to support the tourism sector’s road to recovery and supports the diversification of hotel businesses whereby RedDoorz, and Sans Hotels by extension, plays a key role in achieving DOT’s recovery goals and continuously provides affordable, safe, and worry-free accommodations to travellers. The company has been recognized as one of the most resilient travel businesses to have emerged in SEA throughout the COVID-19 crisis.


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