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Prosperna sees continued double-digit growth in Q1 2021


Prosperna Team

Philippines Inc., today announced double-digit month-over-month subscription revenue growth in the first quarter of 2021. After achieving 264% revenue growth in 2020, their first quarter results proved that eCommerce adoption in the Philippines continues to see strong growth. The completely bootstrapped tech startup is on a mission to empower 100,000 Philippine MSMEs with simple and affordable eCommerce software.

Due to the second lockdown by the Philippine Government in March and the overall impact of the pandemic on the retail sector, Micro Small and Medium-sized Enterprises like Cookiedude.com are now working with local eCommerce software companies like Prosperna to further accelerate digital transformation.

Cookie Dude PH menu on website

“Despite the challenges, the future of Philippine MSMEs will be positively changed forever. For centuries, technology has been proven to help businesses operate better, faster and more affordably,” says Dennis Velasco, CEO of Prosperna. In the past, technology like eCommerce software was only affordable to large enterprises with access to more time, money and resources. Now, even single location proprietors who were traditionally focused on a “mall location” strategy like Bukubukukafe.com can be found by hundreds and thousands of consumers who want to order online from them directly.


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Today, Prosperna’s making eCommerce easy with software made specifically for Philippine MSMEs. With a growing team of 37 full-time employees, they’re helping Philippine MSMEs, with their own online branded store that’s integrated to Facebook, local payment gateways and with access to nationwide shipping without any technical or coding skills. The good news is, Philippine MSMEs can have all this without breaking the bank.  


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