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Pros, cons of blended learning cited


Teacher Ivory Esconde


SAMAL, Bataan — A public school teacher on Tuesday cited some disadvantages and advantages of practicing blended learning as she attends to her pupils at a Quezon City school while staying here during the pandemic.

Ivory Esconde, kindergarten teacher at the San Diego Elementary School in Quezon City, said they have been applying blended learning as a teaching modality, combination of online, modules and TV and radio programs of DepEd, for two years.

She said that the problems they have encountered online were about internet connection and the gadgets needed by the pupils.

“Nagkakaproblema sa internet connection dahil minsan walang internet o mobile data dahil walang load ang mga magulang,” Esconde said.

She noted that the local government unit lends the tablets to pupils from Grades 4 to 6 but for kinder children, the parents themselves have to provide for the gadgets.

In her case, while temporarily attending to school children in Quezon City but staying in Bataan, she said she applies blended learning where, with the use of messenger, she sends activities of the children to the parents who get the modules in school.

Esconde said she checks daily the accomplished activities and modules sent back by the parents to her by messenger also so that the parents will know if their children answered correctly.

She said an advantage of blended learning is the parents may opt not to personally get the modules in school but for the teacher to send soft copy that the parents can print to avoid close contact during the pandemic.


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