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Press club, news portal sever ties


CLARK FREEPORT — The Pampanga Press Club (PPC) on Wednesday announced that iOrbitnews. com is no longer the official news portal of the club.

The PPC officers and members decided, through a board resolution, to separate iOrbitnews.com from the organization after a meeting to resolve some management and operations issues.

iOrbitnews.com was established in 2016 through the intiative of PPC president Diosdado “Deng” Pangilinan, principally to absorb local mediamen dislocated by the closure of two local publications.

The PPC officers said effective June 5, all transactions of iOrbitnews. com will be solely between the outfit and its clients. The PPC will no longer be a part or party to the news portal’s business.

iOrbitnews.com is now considered a single proprietorship news outfit owned by Pangilinan.


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