Pineda to give 25-room facility at Arayat hospital

    ARAYAT, Pampanga – Gov. Lilia “Baby” Pineda yesterday vowed to provide a 25-bed facility at the district hospital in Barangay San Agustin Norte in this town.

    This after she herself saw more than 20 patients staying along the hallways of the one-storey medical facility during a recent visit at the Dr. Emigdio C. Cruz Memorial Hospital (DRECCMH).

    “The population is getting bigger in Arayat and this only means more patients for their hospital. The extension is a must,” said Pineda in the dialect.

    Dr. Benjamin Sibul Jr., head of the Arayat district hospital named after a doctor, disclosed that the hospital’s capacity is only 25 patients at a given time. He added that they average about 50 patients a day and they have no choice but to put other patients along the hallways.

    Sibul said they had asked for an extension in the previous administrations but failed.

    “This time we know it will happen. There was misunderstanding between the governor and the provincial board members then,” Sibul said.

    Mayor Chito Espino, in an interview, lauded Pineda for the facility seen to benefit hundreds of his constituents.

    “The promise of the governor is good as done. She is the champion of the sick and the poor,” said Espino, who accompanied Pineda during the visit at the hospital.

    Pineda also vowed to provide at least 25 hospital beds and medicines for the district hospital.

    The first-term governor had prioritized heath care service improving the supplies and facilities in the district hospitals in the province.


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