PGKM wants educated professional politicians in government


    ANGELES CITY – After advocating for a minimum educational  requirement for politicians in order to eliminate    incompetent and inept public officials, the Pinoy Gumising Ka Movement (PGKM) is  now contemplating on pushing   for a law that for the next 50 years only those qualified can be voted in public office. 

    The PGKM said a  50-year  experimental period should be  made into a law that only qualified candidates can be voted  into public office  in order to  professionalize governance.

    “Botu tala pamu detang  megaral (Let’s vote for those who finished their  studies),”said PGKM Chair Ruperto Cruz.  The law should also allow those who lack college education  to finish their  courses, he  added. 

    “Atin lang time magaral detang e megaral (Those who did  not finish their studies should now  have time to study),” he said. In the meantime, let’s weed  out the corrupt public officials, he added. 

    Cruz said this is  a challenge  to Congress to enact a law that would professionalize  politicians and finally set our course on the right path to good governance.  “Anya mesira ya ing Pilipinas (The Philippines was ruined) because of the kind of  politicians that we have.

    They tailored fit everything to their  advantage because of their greed,” Cruz said. Meanwhile, Cruz said the PGKM also supports the plan of Senator Miriam Santiago  that only taxpayers should be allowed to vote.

    Why should Filipinos trust their future to persons who  don’t even participate in nation building (referring to  non-taxpayers)?  Santiago asked. How come corporations  promote their employees based on the merit of their  studies? Why not government? Cruz asked.

    “We should level up now,” he added.  Earlier, Cruz said thePGKM is  advocating a bill that will require politicians to hurdle a set of criteria or standards in  order to be qualified for election into public office.

    Cruz said incompetent public officials who know nothing  about governance usually resort to  corruption. He said  unqualified public officials get themselves elected only to advance  their selfish interests.

    However, Cruz said even if the public official’s intention is noble, his lack of educational  background and knowledge in governance will most likely also result in “a weak leadership  that promotes poor economic policies resulting to   unequal distribution of wealth  PGKM wants educated professional politicians in government and poor educational     policies that contribute to the unemployment  problem and promote social injustice.”

     Cruz said public officials should not only be competent and knowledgeable in governance but should also be good managers. But if a public official lacks even the most  basic educational qualification, then his constituents will surely suffer because of his ineptitude.

    Cruz said the electorate  should be shielded from merely popular candidates. Blood  relations or through  consanguinity  to an incumbent public  official should not be the key to holding public office, he  added. 


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