PGKM joins ex-solon’s call for Pacquiao suspension


    ANGELES CITY – The Pinoy Gumising Ka Movement (PGKM) has  joined the call of former Senator Rene    Saguis-ag for the suspension of Rep. Manny Pacquiao from the House of Representatives up to the  end of his term.

    Earlier, Saguisag  lambasted the fighting congressman-Philippine Basketball Association  (PBA) playing coach for treating Congress as a  “hobby” and as top absentee in his letter to the  editor published by the Inquirer. 

    Ruperto Cruz, PGKM  chair, and like Saguisag,  has also called for the suspension of Pacquiao from Congress sayingthe work of a congressman is “a full time job.” Cruz said Pacquiao  should know his limitations.

    It is very clear that  the  PBA is just after his  money and Pacquiao’s pockets are being picked  literally by greedy corporations for their own  selfish interests, he added. 

    Cruz said the PBA has violated its own rules in allowing Pacquiao as  playing coach for  Team  KIA for pecuniary interest. “Why should the  PBA bend its rules for Pacquiao if it is not interested  in getting his  money?” Cruz asked.

    Cruz also criticized  the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) for giving the Pinoy boxing icon   the honorary rank of acommodore. 

    A Philippine News Agency (PNA) report  said the PCG has conferred the rank to  Pacquiao which is equivalent to brigadier general in the Armed Forces  of the Philippines (AFP) making him an honorary  “one-star general.”

    It was supposedly a gift on his 36th birthday. The report also said the Sarangani representative  took the oath as a  member of the PCG Auxiliary unit on Wednesday  last week. Pacquiao currently  holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the AFP’s Reserve Force. 

    The Coast Guard is an  attached agency to the  Department of Transportation  of Communications (DOTC).  It was reported that the PCG rank was bestowed  upon  Pacquiao  allegedly to access use of his yacht and helicopter  in emergencies such as calamities. 

    Cruz expressed  doubts if Pacquiao would allow use of his  vehicles. And even if he did, Cruz questioned  their appropriateness for  such purposes as rescue,  retrieval and relief operations.

    “If the PCG rank is  an award for Pacquiao for possible use  of his chopper and yacht, then why did not the PCG  awarded the same ranks to those individuals who have long been lending their equipment, vehicles to government  during calamities,”

    Cruz asked, even as he mentioned the Ayalas, Lopezes, Aboitizes and  others as having served such purpose. 

    At the rate ranks and titles are  bestowed upon Pacquiao, from seargeant to colonel in  he Army to commodore now, a national hero status as “Pambansang Kamao”

    Cruz said he would not be surprised  if religious groups would push for his canonization as  a saint. “God forbid that President Aquino would declare  him Honorary President,” Cruz said.

     “Then, pours would   not anymore be a banana republic but a garbage  republic.”

    This is the reason why the PGKM is calling for  competence in governance, he added.    


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