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Parental guidance is advised


PARENTS ARE always responsible to recognize their children’s welfare and be a part of their kid’s journey especially when it comes to their studies and education. Parents must always be present in every activity of their children together with the teachers and school.

Thus, parents’ attendance considered or geared to have a great impact in every child school activity.

Parents are the greater influencer in every child’s life. They serve to be the role model for them. However, it is always an issue during the homeroom PTA meeting or any other school activities the poor attendance of the parents. Limited number of parents have the desires/ interested to attend the said activities.

Parents whom their kids belong to the higher section were very much eager to be a part but parents whom their children belong to lower section, seems to be hesitant and lack of concern in the school matter.

Parents have this perception about PTA meetings connote collections. Thus, they skip and choose not to attend. Other parents tend to put all their duties and responsibilities to teacher’s shoulders which is supposed to be an equal share of obligation. Poverty is always and has been a hindrance to everything we do. People tend to say they are poor and they are not needed in this endeavor. It takes a lot of motivations and explanations for them to realize the value of engaging to their child’s activities. Other reasons are lack of resources lack of time availability, childcare, working parents and the like.

If only parents realize the importance of the word bonding to strengthen close family ties, children will be more eager to learn and study for they know that they parents are just a hand span away to protect, appreciate and support them in their endeavor.

Teacher III
Mexico Elementary School

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