Who is telling the truth at CIAC?

    CLARK FREEPORT – There are three sides of the story about the reported ouster move against Clark International Airport Corp. (CIAC) President-CEO Victor Jose Luciano over the alleged illegal demolition of 17 buildings at the aviation property here.

    In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, Luciano said he had been informed that there was a proposed board resolution asking for his resignation presented at the CIAC board meeting in Manila on June 22. It was signed by only one member, Luciano said but did not identify the supposed signatory.

    “I didn’t see it but I was told there was,” said Luciano of the resolution.

    In an earlier press conference at his office, CIAC Executive Vice President Alexander Cauguiran, strongly denied that there was an ouster move against Luciano during the last CIAC board meeting.

    “There was nothing,” said Cauguiran to Punto when asked about the proposed board resolution.

    In a telephone interview late Wednesday afternoon, CIAC Board Chairman Nestor Mangio said there was a board resolution calling for the resignation of Luciano.

    Mangio disclosed that he himself and Cauguiran had signed the proposed resolution.

    He added that they were supposed to ask others to sign it. There are seven members of the CIAC board.

    “The other directors did not sign it anymore after there was a suggestion to ask a third, independent body to investigate the demolition,” said Mangio. He disclosed that Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) Chairman and CEO Narciso Abaya proposed to the CIAC board during Tuesday’s meeting an independent body to investigate the alleged illegal demolition.

    The BCDA head is not a member of the CIAC board but acts as an adviser. The members include Mangio, Luciano, Cauguiran, Clark Development Corp. (CDC)   President-CEO Benigno Ricafort, Raffy Angeles, Jess Nicdao and Alfonso Cusi. –Joey Pavia


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