OFW seeks Noy’s help for freedom

    CLARK FREEPORT – Rodelio “Dondon” Celestino Lanuza marked last Oct. 4 his 37thbirthday at the Damman Central Jail in Saudi Arabia where he has remained jailed since August, 2000 for the killing of an Arab national.

    Lanuza, whose two children in Cavite have relied mostly on donations for their education since he was jailed, reiterated his appeal to Pres. Aquino in whose term he could be beheaded. The final verdict on his death penalty could depend, under Muslim laws, on the decision of eldest child of his victim when the latter turns 18 less than four years from now.

    He informed Punto through email that only recently, other Filipinos had been beheaded after waiting for as long as 17 years for the children of their victims to turn 18, after the children refused them pardon.

    Lanusa initially claimed self defense in the murder case, but has since admitted his fate in the hope that the Philippine government would negotiate with the Saudi government so that the Saudi Court of Cassation, which is equivalent to the Supreme Court, would overturn previous rulings made by lower courts, or convince relatives of his victim to forgive and grant him pardon.

    He noted that his case has remained under appeal before the Court of Cassation which has yet to act on it.

    Lanuza’s wife, Meribeth, is also in Saudi Arabia working as a nurse. However, her small salary has been insufficient to fund the schooling of their children in the Philippines. His sympathizers have put up a Facebook group account called “Help Save a Life” to lobby for his pardon and raise funds for his children.


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