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No more lonely valentines


HEY SINGLES! Stop wallowing on valentines. Your happiness shouldn’t depend on others or on bed of roses and chocolates shower from that person you’ve been longing to find you.

Stop looking outside for love. Love yourself first instead. Develop and enhance your beauty, attitude and mind. Be that person that you wish to attract and see what happens.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder they say. I agree with this but let us all be realistic that physical beauty is of an essence too. Everyone wants to have a beautiful love partner. You know why? Because psychologically it makes you feel worthy and more confident, or perhaps proud.

The first step to beauty is to have a clear glowing skin. Choose light organic skin care to moisturize your face and body every after shower. For women, refrain from applying too much make-up. It will make you look older and unnatural.

Hair speaks about the condition of your health. Opt for natural shampoos and conditioner and avoid shampooing everyday. Let that hair gracefully bounce. It will definitely catch some eyes.

Exercise pushes the blood to circulate better and a good detoxification method. It doesn’t only make your body slimmer it makes it look younger too.

Sleep is one of the keys to fight aging. Make sure you get 8 hours total of sleep a day to recuperate your organs from the day’s work.

Hydration is an inexpensive way to make your dermis fairer and clearer, aside from its system cleansing effect. Drink at least 2-3 liters of mineral water a day. It is also one easy way to lose weight.

Hygiene is a crucial essential both for men and women. Smelling good and daintiness gains attraction. Be like a flower and intoxicate those bees around.

Be cheerful and easy going without trying. Find humor in everything and smile a lot. Positive people draw a lot of fans because they are fun, usually kind and intelligent.

Take time for you. Pamper and reward you whenever you get a good job done or whenever you feel you need it. Do not wait for others to do it for you. You should do it for you. Remember you are the only one responsible for you.

As guru Rajeshwari said; you are your heaven and you are your hell too.

Order those lovely bunch of flowers that you are wishing to have this valentines and gift it to you. Travel to that romantic island, pack pretty clothes and bring a nice feel good book. There is nothing more appealing than a person who is wholistically happy and self assured.



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