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No Go for senator, unless…


CLARK FREEPORT – Reminiscent of then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who had repeatedly declared he would not run for president, Special Assistant to the President Bong Go also said he had no plans to run for senator in next year’s polls.

“I am not interested in running for senator. There are so many envious people and all my moves are suspected to be part of such plan,” Go said in his speech during the induction of officers of the Pampanga Press Club here Tuesday.

“I even had asked my billboard removed along the NLEx (North Luzon Expressway). It was put up in 2015 by a supporter of Pres. Duterte and still supports us,” he said.

“I can just be a janitor, a utility man, and I would be happy as I have been in the past 20 years,” he said during the program after distributing relief goods to Pampanga flood victims who had gathered earlier in the City of San Fernando.

But Go said that while “on my own, I am contented,” he also said “I will run only if President orders me.

Go’s sorties to the provinces for speaking engagements, guestings, relief goods distribution are reminiscent of Duterte’s nationwide itinerary purportedly to only campaign for his proposed federal system of government, denying he would run for president in the 2016 elections.

Go’s speech here, however, seemed calculated to entertain a rural campaign audience. Citing actor Philip Salvador who arrived with him, Go joked the actor, who was once romantically linked to ex-Pres. Aquino’s sister and celebrity Kris Aquino, was a frequent visitor to Duterte’s Davao hometown.

“He fathered children by three women there, “ Go said, noting that Salvador had also wanted to do a movie on the life of the President way back when the latter was still Davao City Mayor.

“Mayor Duterte ordered me to tell Ipe (Salvador) not to do that movie. Ipe was the fourth to make such proposal, so the movie was not done, “ he said.

Go then joked Salvador that three others whose proposal were also rejected by Duterte had already died, including actors Fernando Poe Jr and Rudy Fernandez.

During his speech, Go also suddenly called for the presence of Davao taxi driver Elias Bugsad, known in social media for mimicking Duterte. Bugsad emerged from the other side of the stage and again mimicked the President, although his antics failed to elicit laughter from the audience.


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