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New hires set to enjoy perks and benefits as Foundever™ rolls out job fair caravans in Baguio, NCR, and Tarlac

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS: This April, Foundever™, a global leader in the CX industry, is sending its recruitment teams to various sites in NCR (Manila, Makati, Las Piñas, San Juan, Quezon City, Pasig, and Antipolo); Baguio City; and Tarlac. For more information, please read the main article.

MANILA – Foundever™, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, is rolling out its job caravan this April in various sites including Baguio, National Capital Region (NCR), and Tarlac. The job caravans give new hires the opportunity to receive joining bonuses, early holiday perks, and other incentives, including HMO benefits from day one.

According to VP for Talent Acquisition Willy Lim, Foundever knows that it is crucial for employees to feel valued, be gainfully compensated, and have opportunities for professional and personal growth. He said, “An employee can provide excellent customer experience only when he or she also has an excellent experience in the workplace—after all, we can only give as good as what we also have. So, top-level employee experience equals top-level customer experience, as well.”

From the get-go, new employees at Foundever enjoy HMO benefits for themselves and their families; they receive paid training from day one, and may also get free shuttle service in
certain locations.

“At Foundever, each employee benefits from a leadership that recognizes and values their individual voice,” Lim said. “Plus, they get to work in a fun environment that fosters trust and
looks out for their total wellbeing.”

New hires also get the chance to work at a global company with an impeccable reputation; Foundever employs hundreds of thousands of associates around the world, providing the best experiences for hundreds of the world’s leading and digital-first brands.

“Our teams of associates learn that existing solutions can always be made better. They take on that challenge and, as a result, develop expertise in creating a leveled-up customer experience for each client. This is the reason why our customer brand loyalty has remained high,” Lim said.

The Foundever executive was included in the Top 100 Talent Leaders in 2024 by the Bridge Club, a recognition celebrating individuals shaping the Philippines’ workplace culture. The
awardees are lauded for their visionary leadership in innovating talent acquisition practices, advancing diversity and inclusion, and fostering environments conducive to employee growth
and transformative change.

“I’ve always held the belief that doing business today largely revolves around having a clear and deeper understanding of what your customers are saying and building that connection in turn fostering lasting relationships,” Lim noted.

“Giving back to your customer base should always be the cornerstone of whatever we do.”

The Foundever Job Caravan will be recruiting new associates at the following sites: various places in NCR including (April 5) Ace Foundation and PESO Manila SRA; (April 9) PESO San Juan LRA; (April 10) PESO Quezon City; (April 11) PESO Antipolo; (April 12) PESO Manila SRA and Ace Foundation Job Fair; (April 17) UST Job Fair and PESO Manila Job Fair; (April 18) UST Career Fair and PESO Pasig LRA; (April 19) UST Career Fair, PESO Manila LRA, and Ace Foundation Job Fair; (April 23) PESO Makati LRA; (April 24) PESO Antipolo LRA; (April 25) PESO Pasig LRA; (April 26) PESO Manila SRA and Ace Foundation Job Fair; and (April 20) PESO Las Piñas LRA.

In Baguio, the Foundever Job Caravan will be at the following sites: (April 3) 9th San Fernando City People’s Job Fair; (April 18) PESO Urbiztondo Job Fair; and (April 21-22) Bagong Pilipinas Serbisyo Fair PESO Benguet. Meanwhile, in Tarlac, the job caravan will be held at (April 12) PESO Bamban; (April 19) PESO Moncada LRA; and (April 26) PESO Tarlac Job Fair.

The Foundever job caravans were organized in cooperation with its partners: Public Employment Service Office (PESO) branches in Manila, Makati, Las Piñas, San Juan, Quezon City, Pasig, Antipolo, Bamban, Tarlac, Moncada, Urbiztondo, San Fernando, and Benguet; Ace Foundation; and the University of Santo Tomas.

More job opportunities at Foundever can be found here: https://foundever.group/UCP

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