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Naano ka, General?


HINDI PA kasi complete ‘yung investigation and report, but of course medyo mayroon na tayong mga na-admonish dito at the minimum so let’s see kung ano pang other actions then.

I will not give the number but at the minimum ‘yung the one holding the social media on our office, ‘yan medyo naano at the minimum and we’ll see what other, kung mayroong punishment or ano will be meted ano… if the reports are complete.

We are also consulting our legal department so kung if they advise us… so we will do it, anyway we have done it in Facebook, doon naman nila kinuha, we have apologized in Facebook.

So, if it will not suffice, then we will see our next option after that.

Yun pa rin ‘yung pinapaverify natin ng mabuti so that pagka if we need to make the clarification medyo ano na, mas klaro na, so hinihintay ko pa rin ‘yung report sa akin.

So, in due time siguro we’ll get it… then confirmed na… then how the name came about doon sa mga list na yun.

Major General Benedict Arevalo, deputy chief of staff for Civil Military Operations, on the action so far taken by the AFP relative to the wrongful publication of a list of University of the Philippines alumni who supposedly joined the New People’s Army, per GMA News Online, Jan. 25, 2021.

At the minimum, to use his word, one wonders how Arevalo could have passed basic composition and reading comprehension. Let alone, become a military officer and a major general at that!

Truly, in him alone a major problem is inflicted upon the AFP.

Uh-oh, as we go to press, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana is reported to have ordered the relief of a major general!

No, its not Arevalo but AFP deputy chief of staff for intelligence Major General Alex Luna in the wake of that “erroneous list” UP alums who joined the NPA.

Lorenzana said the list originated from Luna’s office, and described its publication was “an unforgivable lapse.”

“His negligence only shows a lackadaisical attitude towards his job resulting to confusion and damage to reputation. We do not take these offenses lightly and I want to hold the people involved accountable,” the defense chief declared.

One major problem gone. Medyo naano na at the minimum?


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