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Most unfortunate


“No vaccines, no VFA!

Treating the Americans like a bunch of yokels might have sealed our fate to settle for China’s Sinovac in lieu of the US-made Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

Such a pronouncement from the President is at the very least, unfortunate. I think there could be a more diplomatic or at least a better way of asking a longtime ally to help us avail of the vaccines for our people without sounding like we are blackmailing our way into it.

What is more unfortunate is that we had a good chance to procure vaccines early from the US, but someone from our side dropped the ball, and has yet to be held accountable up to this day.

SO SENATOR Panfilo Ping Lacson called our called out President Duterte for practically “blackmailing” the United States, in his bid to secure US-made vaccine for the country.

Unfortunate, Lacson said of Dutertes threatening the US of ending the PH-US Visiting Forces Agreement if it fails to ensure the supply of at least 20 million doses of the vaccine to the Philippines.

This, even as Lacson underscored the more unfortunate issue of someone from our side dropped the ball, referencing Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr., that resulted to the loss of opportunity for the country to procure the Pfizer vaccines early.

As indeed, the most unfortunate of no one held accountable for that epic fail that put the health of the nation at grave risk.


Inutile FDA

SABIHIN KO sa iyo, marami na ang nagpa-injection dito sa Sinopharm… Halos lahat ng sundalo natusukan na.

I have to be frank and I have to tell the truth. I will not foist a lie. Marami nang nagpatusok and lahat.

SO, PRESIDENT Duterte himself claimed that many Filipinos have already received the Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm even as it has yet to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

This, Duterte said, right to the face of FDA director Eric Domingo reduced to utter inutility in the face of his President clearly in violation of his agencys mandate under the law.



PSG’s decision to take the risk is a courageous step that greatly supports its mandate. We did it not for personal agenda but on a greater pursuit that is even way beyond our mission of protecting our President.

SO, PRESIDENTIAL Security Group commander Gen. Jesus Durante confirmed the Presidents claim of soldiers having been vaccinated, notwithstanding the absence of any emergency use authorization from the FDA to any Covid-19 vaccine.

(Culled from news reports)


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