Home Headlines More flights to SK at CRK

More flights to SK at CRK

More flights to SK at CRK

CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT — South Korea will be more accessible as
additional flights from Clark International Airport resume for T’way Air and Royal
Air Philippines.

Starting July 28, Royal Air will resume its RW 307 and RW 308 flights to Busan. The
flights are on Thursdays and Sundays.

Although commercial operations for Royal Air were suspended during the
pandemic in 2020, the airline played a major role in the repatriation of Filipinos.
They flew in Filipinos from Wuhan, China back to the Philippines, being among the
first to commence repatriation flights.

Royal Air also continued cargo operations from CRK amidst the pandemic.
On July 29, T’way Air will begin flights from Incheon to CRK via TW 147 and TW
148 every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.
Tway’s daily flights commence on August 4.

Based in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, T’way Air is known for its low-cost travel offerings,
flying to various destinations such as Bangkok, Guam, Singapore, among others.
The airline, formerly known as Hansung Airlines, was recorded to have carried
almost 2.9 million domestic passengers and 4.2 million international passengers in

Royal Air Philippines was established in 2002 and has since then broadened its
domestic and international operations. Its first-round trip commercial flight was
from Clark to Caticlan and back.

The airline covers domestic and international routes like Cambodia, Hongkong,
and the Philippines.


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