Missing coed found, her organs intact

    CABANATUAN CITY : The police declared as solved on Thursday the case of an education student from a state-run university who was alleged to have been abducted by a gang that extract internal organs from human.

    But Senior Supt. Ricardo Marquez, provincial police director, said the tale of Rosemarie Ducut, 19, a third year education student from the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technolgy, is simply incredible thus belied her claims of kidnapping.

    The search for Ducut started on Nov. 5, 2008, a day after she went missing and texted her mother about her supposed fate in the hands of a group of men in a van that snatched her and another woman-passenger from Talavera town on Nov. 4.

    In het text messages, Ducut told her mother she, along with other alleged victims, were brought to a high mirror-glass building. She allegedly overheard from some people in nurses’ uniform that the victims were being drowned in a river or sea after their internal organs were extracted.

    She even expressed fear she would come next.

    But Marquez said investigators first doubted the manner the text messages were written and sent.

    He noted the kidnappers should have first confiscated the mobile phone from the coed. “Then the text messages are very casual,” he added.

    But these observations, Marquez said, did not deter police efforts to locate the student even as the issue was bloated out of proportion that brought fears among Novo Ecijanos, particularly parents. Many residents, he stressed, have been texting and calling the police expressing fear that a syndicate could have been roaming around to take human internal organs.

    Seasoned investigators, he said, “found out that Rosemarie Ducut was neither abducted nor kidnapped as she had claimed.”

    Ducut was recovered from a canteen in a bus terminal in Quezon City on Dec. 27. At first, she reportedly thwarted the prodding of a relative to go home and instead called the police to complain against the relative.

    After a medico legal test was conducted in Camp Olivas, Pampanga, Ducut said she was made to take drugs which supposedly made her unconscious.

    Later she filed kidnapping for ransom charges against Roberto dela Cruz, Sylvia Gampoy, Marvin Ryan Estares, Gloria Delos Reyes and Crisanto Oria.

    The group allegedly asked for some P150,000 in exchange for her liberty.

    “However, PNP-NEPPO did not stop its investigation with the mere filing of the case but rather it continued in its investigation on the case,” said Supt. Allan Okubo, director of the 307th provincial mobile group.

    Okubo said in his manifestation filed before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office that “newly found pieces of evidence might lead us to conclude that there was no kidnapping,” citing a statement from a certain Lour Medina who hired Ducut as food server in a canteen in the afternoon of Nov. 5.

    Asked on the possible reason why  Ducut would fabricate stories, probers said they could not ascertain but said based on their investigation, she had two failing grades that would bar her from graduating from college.


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