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Mary the Queen College inaugurates new building


(NEW BUILDING. Ribbon cutting ceremony of Ladislao S. David building led by (L-R) MQC president Michael B. Lapid, Guagua Mayor Dante Torres, Rev. Fr. Larry A. Sarmiento and MQC chairperson Teresa David-Carlos. Photo by Ning Cordero)

GUAGUA, Pampanga – A newly-constructed building has been inaugurated at the Mary the Queen College (MQC) here on August 23 named after the David family patriarch Ladislao S. David (LSD) as well as a new MQC canteen.

During his welcome remarks, Michael Lapid, MQC president, told of the “painful and tedious process” of forming the school of what it is today – building by building.”

“We began that painful and the tedious process of building this school building by building and today and is our new building and we are all happy to celebrate it with you,” Lapid said.

“This school really aims for academic excellence and our record will show that we are really one of the top schools as far as accounting is concerned, as far as education is concerned,” he added.

“We are for integral formation and not only for the formation of the mind but for the entire person,” he said.

“Lastly, everything in this school happens in the context of community. We consider ourselves a family, a community learning together, being together with God,” Lapid stressed.

Teresa David-Carlos, MQC chairperson, said the family donated the entire property in order to dedicate it to the people not only in Guagua but in nearby towns.

“We have a master plan for this and everything for our school is already very clear and the family is happy,” she said.

The LSD Building has five rooms per floor for a total of 15 classrooms.

However, Carlos said for next year several other classrooms will be completed.

She said their more than 1,500 scholars for the past 16 years will bear testament to their commitment.

“We are truly proud of them (scholars) that we are able to share this blessing from our family to them,” she said.

“We will continue to share our blessings to the future generations of our community,” she assured.

Carlos said MQC is in the top three schools in Pampanga and top 21 nationwide in the passing rate for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

“We are just 16 years old… so as early as now these achievements are really very inspiring that is why the family is really very happy with this institution the MQC,” she said.


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