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Map design to manifest your goals


TRADITIONALLY IN our family, we ask each member for their New Year’s resolution. We do this partly for curiosity and fun. I guess we’re not the only ones who are into this custom. We think of the positive things we want to achieve for the upcoming year which are more exciting to make but harder to achieve for some people. Have we ever thought seriously of ways to materialize our goals?

Designing a map to reach a goal is one of my favorite programs I use for my clients. I use this tool to bag their target either for their personal aspiration or business aim.

The first step: The goal should be something that you really want and motivated to committing to it, wholeheartedly. Second: To have a clear vision of the outcome. It is important that you believe in your ability to arrive to what you set. It is required to fire up your action and drive.

Now, draw a map. List all the ideas you think are essential to reach your goal. For example, if what you desire is to lose weight, you may want to write down on piece of paper the following: Exercise, diet, knowledge, time management, and motivator. Below each category, list the realistic possible methods to make it happen. For instance, on the diet department what kind of nutrition you have in mind to make you shed some pounds? Are you going to count the calories of your intake or follow the intermittent fasting or the ketogenic system? Once you figure out which one feels right for you, go to the next step.

Ask yourself what is required of you to make your choice of diet plan come true. Is it discipline, strong willpower, one-dimensional mind, commitment, confidence, or all that is mentioned? Do the same principle in the other categories you included in your list.

Lastly, can you imagine yourself in the result after following all those you wrote in your map? Can you picture yourself slimmer and looking better? What are you wearing and the color? How about your hairstyle? Are you happier? What is the feeling? You may want to close your eyes while you are visualizing the outcome and feel all the happy emotions it brings about.

Visualization helps tremendously to make your goals materialize quickly. You may want to visualize arriving to your goal every night before sleeping. With the power of the mind and mighty determination of the body working in partnership for your objective, there will be no space for failur

Happy mapping and I wish you catch your dreams this coming promising new year.




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