Home Headlines Man jailed for threatening to upload woman’s nude photos  

Man jailed for threatening to upload woman’s nude photos  


GUIMBA, Nueva Ecija – A 23-year-old unmarried man was jailed Sunday on allegation of extortion on a woman who reportedly had inadvertently sent him her nude photo.

Police identified the suspect as Darrel Agustin, resident of Barangay Casongsong this municipality.

Police said an entrapment operation was hatched against Agustin based on a complaint by the married self-employed woman, also of this town.

The victim was supposed to send her photographs to another person but “accidentally/inadvertently sent” them to the suspect’s messenger, police said.

Investigation showed the suspect threatened the woman to post her nude pictures online should she fail to give him P10,000. They agreed on P4,000.

But despite receiving the amount, the suspect reportedly did not delete the pictures and instead asked for P10,000 more, prompting the woman to report to the to the police.

Charges of robbery with intimidation were filed against Agustin before the provincial prosecutor’s office in Cabanatuan City, police said. 


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