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Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde go on a romantic date in the U.S.


ARJO ATAYDE posts a photo of his time in the States with Maine Mendoza in the picture. But they are supposed to be in different places for separate commitments.

Indeed, it was true! Arjo and Maine got to see each other in the States.

The actor posted a photo of him with Maine, on a separate shot in a classy resto in the US. Maine is seen with all smiles on a table for two with wine and salad.

The said photo was captioned “SAVE THE BEST STOP FOR LAST.”

Maine is in the States to change some colors of an expensive branded lipstick she’s endorsing.

On the other hand, Arjo is a part of a concert show of Maja Salvador in Virginia, last February 9.

However, it wasn’t clear – Arjo didn’t mention where they met in the States.

Obviously, the two are gradually showing off their rumored relationship.

It was in January 22,2019 when Arjo admitted that he and Maine are “dating exclusively.”

This was after a four month speculation on their rumored affair outside of their respective work.

Arjo and Maine worked together in the 2018 Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) entry “Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles.”

Then as early as September, Arjo was seen at the media launch of Maine’s lipstick endorsement.

In October, they were both seen eating in a classy resto in Makati.


PAULO AVELINO is grateful that fans of the 2017 indie hit, I’m Drunk, I Love You, look forward to its sequel, I Love You, I Do.

“It’s good thing, it’s good thing, because it’s actually interesting to know where both characters went after,”

The actor is thrilled to learn that fans of the 2017 indie hit, I’m Drunk, I Love You, look forward for its sequel, I Love You, I Do.

The film’s director and writer, JP Habac, announced the sequel in October 2018 through his Twitter account.

Paulo, who co-starred with Maja Salvador in the film, was one of its producers.

Will he wearing a producer’s cap again for the sequel?

He replied, “I probably am, most probably.”

But the actor-producer has yet to talk about the film in his social media account.

Both Direk JP and Maja had already tweeted about the sequel with the actress teasing a scene. But Paulo would prefer to manage people’s expectations about it.

He said, “I don’t like over-hyping something. I just don’t believe in over-hyping something.

“We’ll talk about it when everything’s final.”

Early in the year, it was revealed that I Love You, I Do will take place seven years after the events of the first film.

Paulo revealed that this time jump was something he had in mind.

He commented, “Well, I wanted sana every after seven years. You also see the change in characters.”

As of now, Paulo has yet to read the current draft of the script.

“JP just sent me the script… I’ll probably read it one of these days.

“We’ll see. We’ll see what happens…”

Will the film be released this year?

Paulo, who is part of the ABS-CBN prime-time series The General’s Daughter, answered…

“I’m not sure. We’ll know.”



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