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Lovi Poe’s lovely LA Hideaway!


LOVI POE has been hibernating for a while. The beauteous actress is livin la vida lovely in Los Angeles, U.S.A.

The Kapuso actress has been in the country since January, eating, sashaying, and exercising her way around the picture-perfect place.

Lovi landed in the City of Angels back in January, after stomping the busy streets of New York in the East Coast.

For Lovi’s first Instagram post upon landing, she featured a photo of an almost iconic L.A. scene: the orangey pink sky, palm trees swaying, traffic at a standstill.

She captioned it with a line from Bright Eyes’ “The Difference in the Shades.”

Lovi wrote, “But these are days we dream about when the sunlight paints us gold,” ending it with a heart emoji, and her hashtag #LaLaLovi.

For good measure, Lovi made sure to add “#nofiLter” because the L.A. sky needed no editing.

Lovi then cozied up with a cup of what she described as “liquid optimism” at Gracias Madre, a meatless Mexican restaurant along Melrose Avenue.

At the Beverly Hills Hotel, Lovi asked her followers how they liked their eggs.

She seemed to like hers poached, on English muffins and topped with Hollandaise sauce.

Lovi snapped her Eggs Benedict, along with other brunch items from the hotel’s menu Ever the “pasaway” but in a good way, Lovi said, “Patience isn’t a virtue.”

That’s because in the photo she uploaded, a hand was caught forking what looked like a piece of calamari mid-shot.

Lovi was dining with a companion at Porto Via Palisades, and enjoyed good fried, greasy food with a glass of red.

Of course, there is that selfi e with Canadian-American actor Terrance Coombs, which has garnered over 120,000 hearts.

In what could be a candid or posed photo shoot, Lovi met up with her high school classmate Shari Poquiz, aka The Misty Mom, and hammed it up for the camera.

Picking up a souvenir at the Bubba Gump restaurant, Lovi inspired her followers by telling them they, too, are special.

The gastro-traveler, also uploaded a shot where she seemed to be deep in thought, but in reality, she said, “Just finished dinner and I’m already thinking about what I’ll be having for breakfast. Who here is just like me”

She certainly celebrated happy hour at Employees Only L.A., as she enjoyed cocktails and captioned, “Sip me baby one more time!” a pun on Britney Spears’ smash song, “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”

Lovi also met up with reunited couple Maja Salvador and Rambo Nuñez at Napa Valley Grille, and the actress did not mind being the third wheel.

She wrote, “Great catching up with these lovebirds.”

Looking like she would fit right in Hollywood, Lovi strut around Beverly Hills with photographer @servantbyheart, and served a real good pose in front of the lens. Napalingon lang,” she wrote, but what a turn!

Continuing her gastro-tour around L.A., Lovi dined at Mastro’s Steakhouse, and ended her meal with a sweet note.

Posting a photo of a decadent butter cake a la mode, Lovi wrote, “Butter me up. #ButterCake” Spreading positive affirmation to her followers, Lovi posted a sidewalk signboard that says, “You look f**king amazing,” and told her supporters: “In case no one tells you today…”

The Kapuso actress also dropped by Abbott Kinney Boulevard, a mile-long stretch of establishments in Venice, a beach neighborhood in Los Angeles County.

Lovi commented, “Abbot Kinney… showing us what street style is really all about.”

In another post still along Abbot Kinney, Lovi posed with a brick wall in the background and told her followers, “You can tell, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

She wore the disheveled look to a T, and still has a good sense of humor about it!

The actress-model also could not help but drop a line from Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” as she walked along Rodeo Drive, where a scene was shot from the iconic movie Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

Lovi wrote, “Pretty woman, walking down the street…” as she posted a photo of the N. Rodeo Drive street sign post.

Active and workout-hungry, Lovi burned calories during a run around Westwood, and took a selfie for posterity.

“Trying to mask my ‘tired face’ after my 15km run…#LoviYourBody,” she wrote, neither looking tired nor sweaty post-exercise.

She also showed off the fruits of her labor with a post-gym selfie at Lagree Fitness Studio.

She said, “Better sore than sorry. Do you Agree?”

We agree! And because life is all about balance, Lovi earned her keep to savor a slice (or two?) of pizza from 800 degrees, and looking good while at it.

Wearing a black tube top and a slouchy sweater, Lovi made eating pizza look so good.

“You want a pizza me?!” she teased.

Back at the Conservatory in West Hollywood, Lovi snapped a powder room-selfie, showing off the restaurant’s chic art deco interiors that blended well with her OOTD and Carolina Herrera insignia purse.

“My high pony made me do it,” she confessed. Poolside, Lovi noshed on whole food and wisely told her followers: “Skip the diet… just eat healthy.”

At the coastal city of Santa Monica, Lovi couldn’t help but utter lines from D’Sound’s “People are People” as she snapped a vista of the beach.

“Excess, temptress, big mess | Phoney, lonely, it’s a test,” she wrote.

Still taking a page from her #LoviPlaylist, Lovi posted a picture of her post-hike at Griffith Park and sang.

I’m beyond your peripheral vision.So you might want to turn your head. Cause someday you’re gonna get hungry and eat all of the words that you just said. The lines are from Ani DiFranco’s “32 Flavors.”

Schooling us all on how to be long, lithe, and ripped, Lovi posed in front of a Westwood gym mirror in nothing but an athleisure top and loungewear bottom, saying “Nothing like breaking a sweat first thing in the morning. #LoviYourBody”


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