‘Love and passion’ adorn Midori giant Christmas tree


    CLARK FREEPORT – If the color red symbolizes love and the rose symbolizes passion, then the giant Midori Christmas tree truly represents the spirit of the Christmas season.

    On Friday, the Midori Clark Hotel and Casino launched the Angels’ Dream Year 4 in time, once again, for the Yuletide Season.

    The yearly tradition kicked off with the lighting of its giant “Rose-Themed” 25-foot Christmas tree at the hotel lobby signaling the start of the month-long Angels’ Dream Year 4 project and the celebration of the hotel festivities themed: A blooming whimsical holiday at Midori.

    Angels’ Dream is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of Midori Clark Hotel and Casino every Yuletide season which started in 2016.

    The program aims to provide a Christmas celebration that is brighter and more meaningful and something that has always left a jolly mark in the heart of every Angel.

    For this year’s campaign in order to make it bigger and merrier, 1,000 wishes from unprivileged children from communities in the province will be fulfilled.

    Aeta children, being the main beneficiaries for the past years of the campaign, were joined by new angels coming from persons with disabilities (PWDs), orphans, mentally-challenged, people with special needs, and also abandoned kids.

    On Friday, 25 children from the new additions to Angels’ Dream pined their wish cards on the giant Christmas tree as the highlight of the event.

    Meanwhile, aside from the kids who’ll attend the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, company representatives will be visiting schools and communities around the province to get the wishes of the “Angels” and to check the communities on what Midori can offer.

    A few days before Christmas, the little angel’s dream will come true with Santa Claus visiting as the gift-giving day will take place on December 10 at the hotel lobby.

    Midori Clark Hotel and Casino employees, subsidiaries, sponsors and even guests will also make the wishes and dreams of the beneficiaries come true.

    “Now we are granting the 1,000 wishes of little Angels. This is a way of giving back to the community as Midori became fruitful for the past years,” said general manager Vic Chan.

    “Now, we are adding new angels in the breakthrough as we have the persons with disabilities, orphans and persons with special needs. We are thrilled on how our partners, employees and guests support this breakthrough,” he added.

    The Angels’ Dream Year 4 is in partnership with The Gaming Beat Charity, Eagle Sky, Midori Casino, BBI Foundation, Aqua Planet, New Cyber Elite Security and Investigation Services, and Future Living Development and Construction Corporation (FLDCC).

    Chan said anyone can also be heaven-sent and be a blessing by giving this Christmas!


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