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Levy P. Laus


HE LIVED up to his advocacy of countryside development in establishing Pampanga not only as an alternative to, but moreso, at par with the metropolis – the province having been imbibed with the cosmopolitan air.

With that, he eff ected the total negation of the urbanites’ condescension of the probinsyano as backward hick, proving the latter’s equality with, many times even superiority to, the Metro Manileño.

That, we deem, sums up his myriad contributions not only to his city, to his province, but even to his country.

The outpouring of grief over his passing manifests the greatness of his life.

To the local media, he was a good influencer, a great newsmaker, even a greater patron, but he rathered be a peer. We shall surely miss him.

Luid ca, LPL.


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