Kris Aquino kakasuhan ni Oprah Winfreyc


    ALL OVER ang balitang idedemada ni Oprah Winfrey si Kris Aquino. Ito ay ayon sa balita ng Adobo Intenational which is in Los Angeles, California.

    Ayon dito di nagustuhan ni Oprah ang isang statement ni Kris Aquino na ikinukunmpara nito ang sarili kay Oprah.

    Narito ang kabubuang balita: Oprah Winfrey, America’s undisputed queen of television and host extraordinaire is suing the Philippines’ presidential sister and television host Kris Aquino for defamation.

    The lawsuit is in response to a recent televised interview conducted by Aquino with American actor and singer Jamie Foxx aired on the Philippines’ ABS-CBN television network. Aquino, who makes no secret that she is a avid fan of Foxx, told the actor that she is the Oprah of the Philippines.

    Lawyers for Oprah, who has her own cable network, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), said that the American host and actress was not happy about the comparison. “In fact, there is no comparison at all,” the lawyers said. “Oprah’s breadth of experience and interviewing skills are not even a close match to the neophyte Aquino,” the suit alleged.

    The Adobo Chronicles has not been able to reach either the Winfrey or Aquino camps for comment.


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