Korean community leader says sorry for misbehavior of peer

    ANGELES CITY – A Korean who was implicated in the alleged gang-rape of a Filipina will still be penalized by the Korean community here even after the non-commission of the heinous crime was established by the police.

    Kim Ki Young, president of the 20,000-member Korean Community Association- Central Luzon, Inc. (KCA-CLI) in Barangay Anunas here, assured Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan of the Korean community’s decision to penalized Mr. Lee for violating the rules and regulations of the KCA-CLI.

    Kim also expressed his apology, in behalf of the KCA-CLI, for Lee’s misbehavior. Lee earlier acknowledged soliciting and paying for the sexual services of a certain “Tiffany” who later accused him of gang-raping her with seven other Koreans.

    “I express my deep apology for the unwitting misbehavior of a Korean,” Kim told the mayor at the Century Hotel here on Wednesday.

    “We Koreans always abide by the rules and regulations and we love the Philippines,” he added.

    “The Korean (Mr. Lee) who violated the rules shall be punished righteously,” he stressed.

    However, Kim said they are still concerned over the anti-Korean sentiments brought about by the incident and fanned by the incorrect reports broadcast over national television.

    Kim said there is now fear among the Korean community here that such inaccurate reports could produce unreasonable problems between Koreans and Filipinos.

    “Our Korean immigrants acknowledge Mayor Pamintuan’s excellent leadership and his devotion to our compatriots that earned him our respect,” said Kim.

    “We promise that the Central Luzon Korean Community Association will cooperate and actively participate in worthy activities,” he assured.

    For his part, Pamintuan accepted Kim’s apology and thanked the KCA-CLI for their efforts in resolving the negative reports.


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