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Kids flock to Xenia Hotel for Halloween


(Xenia Hotel’s halloween candyland. Photo by Joann M. Valenciano)

CLARK FREEPORT — A spooky kiddie Valak, a transforming Bumblebee, mini Jokers and fairies, vampires, heroes, and Harry Potters haunted the night at the Xenia Hotel here.

The scene was the Halloween tradition which was held over the weekend through the hotel’s Halloween Candyland.

It went with trick-or-treat and with tickets sold out a week before the event, it was indeed a favorable outcome.

Kids came literally in various shapes and sizes savoring the food and enjoying the event.

Electrifying the atmosphere were kiddie food carts, game booths, a photo booth, a candy buffet station and free meals. A large goodie bag was included for the take home loot.

Xenia Hotel truly put up a Happy Halloween as the kids went home bringing more treats than tricks.

Parents alike also enjoyed the Halloween Candyland experience where fun was the order of the day.

Philippine Halloween trick or treat events have become an annual affair for many of the local children even if the tradition has its roots in mainly western countries originally known as All Hallows’ Eve.


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