It’s all in the name


    THE CANDIDATE for Pampanga’s first congressional district seat, other than the comebacking Francis “Blueboy” Nepomuceno, is not named Joseller “Yeng” Guiao.

    That is, if we go by the stories coming out of the hustings.

    “Paciencia, ya pu ing lagyu ning kalaban yu (Paciencia is the name of your opponent).” So was a surprised Blueboy told in a caucus in Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City.

    “Ala ya pung asabi kekami nune pasensiya na kami mu uling ala yang abiye, andat lalapit ke kaya (He has nothing to say but ask for our patience and understanding as he cannot give us anything whenever we approach him).” So the barrio folk explained to an amused Blueboy.

    Paciencia, eh?

    In Barangay Mamatitang, Mabalacat City, residents say the fight is between Nepomuceno and a certain Paras.

    Paras who?

    Again, a puzzled Blueboy could only put any sense to this after he was told, thus: “Nanu man pu ing ilapit mi kaya, metung mu ing pakibat na: ‘Paras ku kang Nanay Gov yan’ (Whatever concern we take to him, he has only one answer: ‘I will make sure it will reach the Governor’).”

    Paras, indeed!

    In Barangay Camias, Magalang, the hometown boy fighting Blueboy is named Yabut.

    No, no, no. Blueboy had to be assured: Perennial House daydreamer Ric Yabut, board member from Candaba, has not decamped from the fourth district and set residency in the first.

    Why Yabut?

    “Pilan beses na ke pung linapit kaya, ala ya pung amanu kekami nune ‘Ipayabut ku kang Nanay Gov ing adwan yu’ (The many times we sought his help, he had nothing to say but ‘I will bring it up to the Governor).” 

    Ah, Yabut!

    Collectively now: Why is he running for congressman when all he can do is to transmit to the Governor the needs and concerns of the constituents of the first district? That is the role exclusive to a lowly factotum.

    Paciencia Paras Yabut, official candidate of Kambilan Party for representative of the 1st District of Pampanga.
    Yes, a Yeng by any other name still spells… whatever.

    To the double visionary of Mabalacat City, Deng Pangilinan, it starts with a capital L, referring to the outcome of the elections.

    To the astute Ashley Manabat, it begins with a D, associated with summer and the (in)capacity for giving.   

    On the other hand, Nepomuceno’s given name, Francis, has got it going for him.

    Of all the Johns, Gregories, Benedicts, Celements. Leos, Innocents, and Piuses on offer, Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio had to choose Francis!

    What better augury for the election results in the first district than this!

    It’s all in the name. So shall we hear now shouts of Habemus victorem!

    We have a winner! So shall we. So shall we.


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