Enrile unfazed by attacks on dad


    CLARK FREEPORT ZONE – Despite stunning tirades against his father, Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile remained unperturbed saying his critics are taking advantage of the political season.

    Sen. Antonio Trillianes on Friday criticized Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile on national television saying “it is tragic that he (Sen. Enrile) spent 50 years in public service abusing people” and “he can’t undo that.”

    But Rep. Enrile, the eldest son of the senator, dismissed Trillianes’ allegations as baseless and said the former putschist’s attacks are mainly meant to discredit him.

    The younger Enrile made the reaction during a press conference at the Oxford Hotel here before he keynoted the Liga Ng Mga Barangay of Pangasinan convention last Friday.

    Enrile said he does not need to defend his father as history will prove that he has “served the Filipino people well” even to the point of “offering his life to bring back democracy in our country.”

    Enrile also said Trillianes is on the attack to affect his candidacy as he slid down in the rankings out of the top 12 in the senatorial race, according to a Social Weather Stations’ survey in February.

    From being tied at eighth and ninth places in January, Enrile dropped out of the winning slots to 13th place in February.

    But Enrile said he is banking on his father’s legacy and that history will be the final arbiter.

    For his part, Sen. Enrile, 89, said Jack’s senatorial bid must now depend on his own merits.

    He said Jack is better prepared academically as he expressed confidence that he could promote his senatorial bid with his “breadth of knowledge and the broadness of his vision.”

    Enrile had to fend off negative publicity after his controversial release last Christmas of P1.6 million each in additional funds for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) to his colleagues except for four senators perceived to be critical of his leadership that included Trillianes.

    He was also criticized for the P250,000 he gave as a gift to each senator from the savings of his office.

    Rep. Enrile, 54, is running for senator under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).


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