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Interfaith movement urges Mayor Sara to run for president


SARAH FOR PRESIDENT. Pastor Albert Dela Cruz of CMISD lead fellow pastors, church leaders and people’s organization in praying for Presidential Daughter and Davao City Mayor to run for President in next year’s 2020 election, held at the Blessed Presbyterian Chuch in Quezon City.

The Community Movement of Interfaith for Solidarity and Development launched on Friday the Run Inday RunPrayer Caravan”  held at the Blessed Presbyterian church in 718 Quirino Highway Metro Green Village, San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City.

Pastor Albert Dela Cruz, national chairman of CMIDS, said that their organization consists of pastors, church leaders coming from 700 national and international churches and people organizations, which will be going to different churches in the country to pray for Davao City Mayor Sarah Inday”  Duterte, urging her to  run in next year’s 2022 presidential election.

“President Duterte, the father of Mayor Inday Sarah declared that Mayor Inday will not be running for President, the same was repeated by the daughter,  Mayor Inday. However, the Community Movement of Interfaith for Solidarity and Development organized by different Pastors, church leaders, and peoples organization like the Supreme Order of Eagles, is elevating the issue to the highest Father of All, Father God,” dela Cruz said.

Pastor Albert de la Cruz cites Bible passages supporting a Sara run for the presidency. contributed foto

“WE believe that prayers move mountain and Leaders are anointed by God the Father. In Daniel 2: 20-21, God Controls world event, he set up kings and he removes the same. The apostle Paul letters to the Christian Living in the Capital City of Roman Empire, wrote, All authority are from God, and all Those in authority are place by God. ROMAN 13:1.,” dela Cruz added.

“We need continuity  for good works already started. In the Bible, God anointed David to be the King of Israel, David is a Good King, but theres a need for continuity, hence, God anointed his son, Solomon, to continue the good works. God anointed Moses, Moses by far is the considered a best anointed leader to lead the Israelites to the promise land, after him  theres a need for continuity,  there is a need  for Joshua to complete the work for the Israelites to see and enter the Promise the land,” he said.

Dela Cruz said that in the modern era, Singapore Lee Kuan necessitate 25 years, to deliver his nation nation from totaly irrelevant third world country into a model metropolis a leader of development by all dimensions.  

“Now for our country the Philippines, President Dutertes Build build build program encompasses the infra development budget of all his five predecessors combined. The more than two hours travel time from Caloocan to Makati is now only 30mins. The police and military are in high moral, Pres  Duterte doubled their salary. By next year travel time from Clark to Tutuban is only 45 mins.  Giant shabu laboratory were raided arresting or neutralizing  big time Drug lords.  We have the highest Approval rating by far for a President in his last quarter of his term.. He is a good President , We need to have continuity for the sake of our people and our nation, we derserve more as People. Dapat maituloy ang Pag babago., dela Cruz explained.

“David cannot  do it all he needs Solomon, Moses failed to enter the promise land he needs Joshua,  Pres. Rodrigo Duterte cannot do it all, we need Mayor Inday for the promise Land,” the pastor said.

“Hence, today (Friday) we will start the Prayer Caravan starting from this church , to the different churches of our country for the consecration  of our beloved country to God and the  anointment of Madam Inday Sarah Duterte to be the next President of our country,” dela Cruz ended.

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