In fear of Nibiru

    IS NIBIRU, the alleged planet 10 times the size of the Earth, coming?

    Just like UFOs that used to be dismissed as fiction but are now accepted as fact though still mysterious, Planet X or Nibiru is gaining credibility. Fact is that this year, barely two months old, more and more people from around the world are sharing photos and videos of the space object which, some insist, has been responsible for climate change and other unexplained, never-before-heard events in our times.

    Some scientists are now saying that Earth belongs to a binary solar system, with Nibiru orbiting both systems

    Photos and videos from various parts of the world are now filling up YouTube showing Nibiru as if it were a second sun in the skies. One such video was taken on the horizon of Manila Bay last Jan. 31.

    Nibiru is believed to be another plant whose orbit around our solar system is widely elliptical and completes in thousands of years, unlike Earth whose one orbit takes a year. This Nibiru orbit explains why it wasn’t found easily, as it has been at the farther point of its ellipsis for years. Now, many believe, it is again in its path nearing the traditional planets in our solar system and has been affecting Earth.

    The name “Nibiru” is derived from the works of the ancient astronaut writer Zecharia Sitchin and his interpretations of Babylonian and Sumerian mythology.

    Does Nibiru have any role in the Apocalypse? Sitchin himself denies any such link, but if it is true that it has been upsetting Earth’s climate and causing mass deaths of flying birds and swimming fishes, unprecedented earthquakes, widespread sinkholes, etc, then it could indeed be apocalyptic instrument.

    Scientists who believe in Nibiru say it will not hit Earth but that its gravitational pull as well as other space objects accompanying it could cause devastation.

    By the way, there have lately been videos showing not just one, but two foreign objects flanking the sun.

    This report reminds me of what Jesus Christ Himself told St. Faustina Kawalska of the Divine Mercy devotion, apparently in regard to the Warning that was also prophesied by the Blessed Mother in the 1960s in Garabandal, Spain. To St. Faustina, Jesus spoke of a future event wherein people would see two stars colliding, and giving way to the appearance of a light in the shape of the cross.

    Was Jesus describing the Warning that was referred to by the Blessed Mother in her apparitions in Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s? If so, then this event would also trigger a purging of conscience that would exempt no one, including pagans. All would stop for a few moments and everyone would see the condition of his or her soul as God sees it.

    Be that as it may, Niburu could just be an instrument for such prophecy. If it is, then the Warning must be near, because Niburu is reportedly getting nearer our planet.

    Still, perhaps Niburu has nothing to do with the Warning. Perhaps God is further extending the time of His Mercy which is already on extended period.

    Perhaps, so much perhaps.

    Amid all apocalyptic events and prophecies, Medjugorje Marian seer Mirjana was asked whether she feared for her children. She did not give a direct answer and instead replied that we should all be prepared, at all times, to face eternity.

    Oo nga naman.


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