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How to best prepare oneself before getting the Covid vax 


RECENTLY, I found out from the news that the United States opened its borders and started welcoming tourists from different parts of the globe again. So, I asked a friend who just left for California with a tourist visa about her ordeal. On arrival, she gladly explained, nothing much changed except for the documents you need to fill-up, stating that you do not have the symptoms of coronavirus infection, and proof that you are not afflicted by showing your RT-PCR negative result. She added that a form will also be handed where you will be asked whether you want to be vaccinated or not. If you choose to be vaccinated, they will make the appointment for you or give instructions where to get it. The vaccine is free in most states, even for tourists, she said. The vaccination spots are installed in many accessible places, administered gently and done quickly, she said. After hearing this, as if an angel whispered a lullaby to me, I immediately phoned my travel agent, asked her to book my flight to the land of dreams.

With the surge of the infected victims from the Covid-19 and other variants, insane panic and fear inflicted most people in the world. Everyone cannot wait to be vaccinated. In our country, the seniors and the sick (who are eligible to manage the dose effect) are prioritized, while the others wait frantically. 

But how do you best prepare yourself before the vaccine? 

In general, there are no specific guidelines on what to do prior to the injection. Being a natural holistic medicine healer, my top recommendation is to prepare your mind first of all. Practice a simple relaxation technique for the mind, like meditation, weeks before while you are waiting for your appointment. It is crucial to have a calm mind before undergoing any type of health-related tasks. When we relax, the flow of blood improves, the heart rate slows down, blood pressure is neutralized, tension is relieved, the energy goes up. For when the mind is calm, the body follows suit, hence, your systems’ adaptation to the effect of the shot and recuperation period will be less.

I also suggest to boost your immune system to prime your health and for protection from any possible complications after the vaccine and for a faster recovery. Upgrade your intake of fruits and vegetables – eat only foods that give benefits to your body. Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Take your vitamins and minerals. Exercise regularly, but not before and on the day of your schedule – as a matter of fact, you should avoid any strenuous activity two days before the shot. Drink sufficient water, at least three liters a day (broths, juices and tea included in the recommended amount). Get enough sleep days before your vaccination time. Arriving well rested makes a lot of difference on the effect of the formula to the system. Stop alcohol intake two weeks before your schedule to avoid adverse outcomes, and three days after. Vaccine side effects include muscle pains and aches, and taking alcohol may worsen the case, according to a Russian scientist. 

To make the experience lighter and take your thoughts away from the anticipation on the vaccine outturn, surround yourself with happy and positive people. Laugh and be joyful. Enliven those spirit of endorphins and oxytocin, which promote good mood and bright thinking. 

If you are taking any pain medications or for allergies, consult your medical doctor whether to continue the prescription before getting the vaccine or on the day you will be vaccinated. 

Heathy immune system needs a regular nourishment and boosting. While a preparation for a vaccine is important, the after care is also as essential. 

Health is a choice. Make the right choice now and build soldiers of health, to guard your immunity house and your happiness.  



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