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How to benefit from the global recovery 


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that things are not always going south, especially when you are in the middle of a pandemic.

The reality is, there’s reason to hope that things are turning around for the better. We just need to focus our lens to the right direction.

Take for example the Standard & Poor’s 500 first half 2021 report where the index is showing a 14.4 percent year-to-date growth. This index is widely regarded as the benchmark to measure the health of large capitalization US equity companies.

What this means is that particularly in the United States, the health of the S&P 500 is a good gauge of its stock market.

Well good for them, what’s that to do with us?

Let us just mention that we can use this reality to drive a simple point: it’s time to prepare for the future!

In this article, we will discuss some principles that we can learn now to benefit from the impending global economic recovery.

Prepare mentally – Most, if not all, post-pandemic strategies for recovery anchor on the belief that things will eventually turn out fine. It is very important to put our hopes up because the reality is that humanity has experienced this before. Our hope, of course, is that recovery comes sooner.

Thus, a positive mental attitude is important for post-pandemic recovery. This is not discounting the fact that there are many stressors due to the closure of shops, schools, and many other gathering places. Some of us suffered more than others; some lost a job or a loved one or suffering from the isolation brought about by prolonged lockdowns.

All these put pressure on our mental health but realizing too that we can do something even in a most depressing situation will help us survive and thrive in the pandemic. To be mentally alert, enthusiastic, and positive about the future is key!

Identify growth trends – How often do we hear that education is the great equalizer? This is true in all aspects of life. Sometimes we become paralyzed in the corner of inactivity because we lack the necessary information to make a good and sound decision. When we identify growth trends, it means going out of one’s way to actively seek the action on the ground.

The reality is that while some doors were closed during the global pandemic, some were also opened, and some were created by alert and enterprising individuals. And most of these happened online! Because of this, ordinary Pinoys who only hoped of owning a business are now realizing their dreams. One reason for this is that in the digital space, everyone has a chance. Now, we can build our markets around communities and our network of friends just by sharing a post.

Because of this, you will notice that many of our kababayans are selling goodies, and even self-branded items online and they are thriving. Now more than ever must we take our imagination to the cloud, no pun intended.

Be protected and invested – without trivializing the seriousness of the pandemic, we must use this experience to prepare ourselves and our family in case something unfortunate happens. One way to do this is by getting a life insurance. It is a good idea to get a life policy with investment features that specifically looks at the recovering global equity market.

As the world prepares for recovery, some industries will lead others. For instance, information tech, communications, and other consumer discretionary companies are seen to lead this group. By leveraging on the growth of these companies, we can build a sizable nest egg in the future, all while being protected right now!

Take for example Insular Life’s Solid Future Global. This brand-new product aims to help policy owners take advantage of growth in the global market even during the pandemic. This product will help you invest your monthly premiums on these high-potential companies which are normally out of reach to the ordinary Filipinos if investing by themselves, due to high cost.

“We are consciously looking for ways to open the global market to Filipinos so that they too can benefit from the global recovery,” said InLife Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez. “We believe in providing a lifetime for good to the Filipinos and this pandemic only challenged us to bring this about to every Filipino. Through Solid Future Global we are confident that we can achieve our goals for our members.”

Indeed, there are opportunities for growth even as we face a health crisis as we are now. With the help of a positive outlook, and acting on opportunities that present themselves, we can all prepare for a better future.

And don’t forget, with Solid Future Global, global investment is now reachable to the regular Pinoy. To know more about Solid Future Global visit www.insularlife.com.ph/solid-future-global or talk to our financial advisors.




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