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Heat stroke prevention


EXTREME HEAT in the body is one of the most dangerous diseases that everyone should lookout for this season, aside from the treacherous coronavirus.

Since the pandemic hit last year, I got the chance and privilege to stay for a long time in Orissa Holistic Garden, my alternative medicine health center. I get to re-connect with nature, enjoying extended hours in the great outdoors hiking. Later on, I developed an enormous fascination in the mystical enchanting mountain Arayat or Alaya, the abode of the legendary Apung Sinukwan.

The direction that I prefer to traverse each time is what the local mountaineers take. It is the least explored with no paved road or even just a made-up road to follow. To reach its majestic heights, the only way is to tread through the high bushes along the path, step and balance on different shapes of rocks while cautiously walking to steer clear from being wounded by the sharp blades of some grasses on the ground. It is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience every time.

At this time of the year’s summer peak, we need to be most careful when going out especially in an open field. Last month, I was up to a surprise when I visited my newfound beauty, mount Alaya. The fiery blaze of the sun greeted me with its scorching stingy embrace. Harshly, leaving my body with fire like sensation, plusa wrinkled, dry and painful skin. I was not prepared. Experience learned, I designed a precautionary measure to counteract the ill effects of the heat to safeguard my health from harm, specifically from fatal heat stroke.

Heatstroke occurs when the body reaches a temperature of 104 degrees or higher. The condition is usually a result of prolonged exposure to high temperatures or physical exertion in high temperaturessays Martin Hermann, MD.

To prevent heatstroke: Stay hydrated by drinking lots of liquid, to maintain your body temperature. Wear a hat, sunglasses or any protective gear to prevent the rays of the sun from penetrating your skin. Wear loose fitting and lightweight clothes. Apply generous amount of sunblock lotion to the exposed skin. Avoid caffeinated drinks which contain diuretic ingredientsRefrain from alcoholic beverages, for its heating effect in the body and dehydration consequences. Limit exercise time or sport duration, especially if you are not acclimatized with the tropical sunny weather. For people with hypertension, diabetes, lung problems, or other medical condition, limit your activities during the summertime. Eat more fresh fruits like watermelon, coconut, oranges, and vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, and watercress to armor your health and supplement with high dosage of vitamin C.

Heat stroke symptoms includes headache, dizziness, high temperature, confusion, seizure, burning or flushed skin, nausea, vomiting, laborious breathing, unexplained sweating, and rapid heartbeat. An emergency treatment is required when heatstroke takes place. Untreated heat stroke could harm the brain, kidneys, muscles, and the heart.

Sunlight has many healing benefits in the body. It emits rays with different beautiful colors which are being utilized nowadays as a supplemental cure for different kinds of illnesses. In other cases, it is used as a preventive medicine care. Just like any form of medication, spending too much time under the sunmight do more harm than good.

May the life giver of the Earth fill your heart with warmth, illuminate your soul, brighten your life, and lighten up your burdens.



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