Havens of evil

    CLOSE DOWN all motels. They are havens of evil.

    The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church may well embrace this advocacy to further advance its mission of Moral Renewal and strengthen its fight against the Reproductive Health Bill.

    No, that did not come from your archetypical manang but from the world-wise Deng Pangilinan, the double visionary chair of the Mabalacat Water District and broadcast man of dwRW 95.1.

    Motels are an occasion for sin, Deng holds, unafraid – of the wife – to say his ethical opinion grounded on both experiential and empirical bases.

    Unlike in the United States where motels are indeed motor hotels, intended as rest-stops for weary travelers through the length of the inter-state highways, motels hereabouts are synonymous to illicit trysts.

    So have you heard of married couples going to motels just to consummate the marital act?

    Motels cater specifically to adultery and same-sex adulteration, fornication and pre-marital sex, ménages a-trois, and just about every sexual perversion. Standardized as they are with all-day, all-night XXX adult channels.  

    Deng asks: So what are all those mirrors on the ceilings and walls of motel rooms for but to stimulate the animal desire – as watching dogs copulate, or to heighten the titillating perversion of watching oneself do it, ala Hayden Koh, with Careless Whisper  as background music a readily available option?  

    And then, Deng notes, there is the ubiquitous notice tacked by the bedside table: “Please dial 02 for condom.” Enough to take the bejesus out of the bishops. Not too far in the future now for local motels to have their own condom-dispensing machine in every room, complete with choices of plain or multi-flavored, ribbed or dotted, small, medium and double XL.

    From les liaisons dangereuses, motels in Angeles City morphed to scenes for crime operatives, worthy of the CSI television series, Miami, New York and Vegas all combined.

    There is the case of the piggery farm owner from Tarlac, punctured to death, allegedly by a couple – suspected pimp and hooker, pardon the political incorrectness there – he allegedly picked up for some post-prandial delights.

    Then there is the more gruesome case of the headless, naked lady found sprawled in the bathroom of another city motel. It took some days – a week? – before police found the decomposed head beneath a bridge in Mabalacat town.      

    In conclusion, Deng asks: So how many more heinous crimes of passion should the public endure, before the authorities come to the realization that motels are not only a threat to public morals but clear and present danger to the very lives of citizens? 

    Come to think of it, Deng could be right. I wonder what the motel-specialist Ashley Manabat would have to say on this.    


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