Gordon vows quick national development

    MALOLOS CITY—Bagumbayan standard bearer Richard Gordon vowed a quick turn around in national development once elected President noting the country is in a “masquerade” and corruption has made everyone “buyable.”

    He said he will pump prime the economy by asking businessmen to relocate outside Metro Manila, build top universities and hospitals in Subic Bay Freeport and Clark Freeport, while establishing provident fund for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

    Along with these, he said he will provide high salaries for professionals like doctors who will be given P50,000 a month while teachers will get P40,000 a month, and dentists in provinces P30,000.

    On political side, Gordon said he will provide leadership, will push for two party system, will ask legislators pork barrel to be given to national development.

    “Our country’s problem is in leadership, and we need 20 straight years of good leadership for the country to move up,”  he said noting that other countries in the region.

    He said the in the 50s, the country ranked first in Asia, but was overtaken by Korea and Taiwan in the 60s, by Singapore in the 70s, Thailand in the 80s, Vietnam in the 80s, and by the turn of the millennium by Cambodia.

    He said that voters are partly to blame as the country lag behind its neighbors in national development.

    “Hindi na tayo umangat, mali ang pagboto ng tao, at pumalpak ang mga partido, ang eleksyon ay puro pambobola at ang nahalal ay hindi kayang patakbuhin ang bansa,” said Gordon who in his first term as senator.

    He also took potshots at the presidential candidates who are either inexperience or dishonest.

    The voters should start thinking whom they will vote and who has the experience and capacity to run the country.

    Gordon stressed that among other candidates, he is the most qualified and has the capability citing his track records in raising Subic Bay Freeport and the Olongapo City from the ashes of Mt. Pinatubo.

    “Problema sa atin hindi na tayo nag-iisip, kaya ang nangyayari sa eleksyon paramihan na lang ng pera, he said and expressed fears that in the future elections, moneyed people like Lucio Tan may just come in and run for the presidency.

    Gordon said that he is not against the rich and vowed to make the poor richer.

    “Lisensya lang ng driver nabibili, party posisyon sa party list,” he said.

    If elected, he said he will rush the development of the country saying, “kasi maghihirap ng maghihirap ang mga tao kapag hindi matino ang liderato.”

    He said a President should be honest, firm, fair, purposeful, focused, fast, flexible, and forward looking.


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