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Gogoro Philippines completes battery swapping and Smartscooter pilot, gears up for opening of first experience center


Gogoro Philippines has successfully completed the two-month pilot test of Gogoro’s innovative Smartscooter® and battery-swapping system. In collaboration with over 60 Globe employees, the pilot showcased Gogoro’s edge as a sustainable transport alternative.

The pilot test resulted in an impressive 3,316 kgs of carbon dioxide saved, 2,603 batteries swapped, and a total distance of 42,399 kilometers ridden.

“The Philippines is uniquely primed to embrace the exponential global electric vehicle growth, bolstered by the government’s robust EV plan. At Gogoro, we’re looking to redefine how Filipinos move, making cities smarter and cleaner. The results from our pilot program with Globe employees have been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited to extend this experience to the broader public,” shared Bernie Llamzon, President of Gogoro Philippines.

Erwin Nito, one of the Globe pilot testers remarked, “Riding Gogoro has definitely saved me from expenses and time spent commuting.”

The sentiment on the efficiency of Gogoro’s system was echoed by John Bernard Peralta, who said, “Battery swapping has improved my daily ride. I don’t need to wait too long to refuel.”

Meanwhile, Alain Guinto spoke about the wonder that is Gogoro’s battery-swapping system: “Gogoro’s battery swapping is so fast that you can get a recharged battery in less than a minute.”

Ahead of its grand launch on November 7, Gogoro Philippines will be hosting an exclusive Sneak Peek on October 25 at the first-of-its-kind Gogoro Experience Center (GEC) at Greenbelt 4, Makati City. This event promises select attendees an immersive dive into the state-of-the-art technology that powers the Gogoro ecosystem.

Jason Gordon, Gogoro VP of Communications, explained the company’s worldwide vision.

“Urban transportation is going through a fundamental transformation and Gogoro is focused on making cities like Manilla smarter, cleaner, and safer by providing broad access to sustainable transportation. Our “Swap & Go” battery swapping has been a big hit in Taiwan and has been recognized globally for its innovation, ease of use and accessibility. Since 2015, we’ve reduced carbon emissions by over 736 million kgs globally, which is what 73.6 million trees would do in a year. We’re excited to introduce these vehicles and battery swapping to the Philippines and enable a new smart and sustainable approach to urban transportation.”

Ming-I Peng, Gogoro Chief Product Officer, detailed the foundational pillars of the Gogoro experience: “Our smart battery system, crafted with precision for energy swapping, has seen an unprecedented 440 million swaps globally. It champions both user safety and unbridled convenience. Furthermore, our GoStation and Smartscooters® are crafted with an ethos of speed, safety, intelligence, and personalization. The Philippines’ market is on an upward trend, and we stand ready to elevate the experience.”

Gogoro’s entrance into the Philippines was catalyzed through a strategic joint venture between Globe’s 917Ventures Inc., Ayala Corporation, and Gogoro. The shared vision is to revolutionize Philippine transportation with sustainable, trailblazing solutions.

Gogoro’s swappable battery infrastructure promises to empower Filipino riders with a transport alternative that is not just sustainable and cost-effective, but leaps ahead in technology, poised to bring about a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

To know more about Gogoro Philippines, its mission, and its groundbreaking offerings, visit www.gogoro.com/ph.


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