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Glory to the House


DOMUS GLORIAE. Thinking that my Latin-spouting frater had reached some sort of epiphany out of admiring the masterpieces of ecclesiastical art at the Betis Galleria, I responded, in the solemnity of themoment: Amen, amen. Tis indeed a house of glory this little sanctuary. May he who built it, Willy Layug, ever blessed be.

He gave me that quizzical look: What have you been sniffing lately? and hastened to the shaded yard downstairs the galleria where brunch was being served.

So, what did I do? I merely responded in kind to your ejaculatory delight over Maestro Willys works, I told him.

It turned out there was nothing spiritual but everything secular in the House of Glory he referenced Congressstands to house anew former President, former Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

It was my turn to ask, in all sarcasm, if he inhaled something stronger than mosquito coil earlier that day.

Believe you me! GMA will run for congressman of the second district again! So much he spoke with more certainty than the prophets of old.

So, what have you been hearing lately, I asked Guagua Mayor Dante Torres, who led the ribbon-cutting rites opening the galleria along with Bacolor Mayor DimanDatu.

Both hizzoners had not heard so much a whiff of a rumor of a GMA congressional run, but admitted that the possibility would always be there, knowing fullwell that, yes, indeed, politics is the art of the possible.

I cant remember distinctly now if it was the Maestro himself or some other guest, who, out of inspired revelation perhaps, said Nanay too is making a go for Congress.

But, our Nanay, former governor now Vice. Gov. Lilia “Baby” Pineda is, like GMA, domiciled in Lubao, of the second district. No way the beloved Nanay go up against her esteemed Ateng.

Its the partylist, stupid. Sneered someone at our disbelief.

Nanay Partylist, imaged in the likeness of Pampangas favorite mother, by itself already makes a formidable political force to reckon with. On that basis alone, one congressional seat is readily assured.

As surely as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, yes, we agreed.

Factor in the hundreds, aye, thousands, who received Nanays unparalleled TLC from the time she was Lubao mayor, through her three terms as governor, and ongoing till today, deeply felt not only in Pampanga but in the whole of Central Luzon and sensed practically in all regions. Toss in the multiplier effect. A second House seat there, easily, as the late Gov. Bren Z. Guiao was wont to say. Not to count pa, the bloc-voting you-know-what.

Again, affirmative.

But it has been whispered loud and clear that Nanay is retiring at the end of her vice gubernatorial term next year.

Our someone would not hear of it, thus:

Retirement? A mothers work is never done. A clichéthat has become a truism, most specially for Nanay.

Motherhood is not only a call of duty to Nanay. It is the very essence of Nanays whole being, aye, the be-all and end-all of her life that is best expressed, indeed, lived and fulfilled, in the service of her children us, her constituents. Never shall she turn her back to us.

So, I supposed someones next line would be A mothers place is in the House.

Great, thats one befittingly felicitous slogan for the Nanay Partylist.

Got to find what someone has been sniffing. Heady thoughts there hes got.

I am inhaling the wrong stuff. It only makes me giddy. Wow, man, wow. Im on a freak out, yeah, yeah, yeah.


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