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AKO NAMAN, eh kung mahal ang galunggong. Eh di wag kumain ng galunggong, di ba?

There are other alternatives na pwedeng gawin, bakit ba gustong-gusto niyo ‘yung galunggong kung mahal ang galunggong?

Gustong-gusto nila mag-import, may naglalakad pa sa akin na bigyan daw sila ng import permit sa galunggong. Bakit ba patay na patay tayo?

Mahal na ang galunggong [kaya] wag kumain ng galunggong.

Bakit di kayo kumain ng gulay? Mas healthy yun.

Kumain ng other means which are cheaper and available. Dami namang choices bakit ba iniinsist yan (galunggong)?

(Senate Agriculture, Food and Agrarian Reform Committee chair Cynthia Villar)

Soft message

MY IMPRESSION of the Philippines is very caring, very sophisticated people. I understand that when progress is made, sometimes people make what they think are compromises for that progress.

And I would just say, you can’t compromise on human rights. That’s my soft message to President Duterte…

President Duterte is very popular, he doesn’t need me on his side, and as it happens I have a very deep conviction about journalism.

I probably would have been a journalist if I wasn’t a singer. And so the safety of journalists is very important, and I think a democracy requires a free press. I find some journalists to be a total pain in the arse, but I am really glad they are there.

(U2 frontman Bono)


I WILL feel the pulse of the people.

If they say, ‘Mayor, go after them,’ then I’ll file an economic sabotage case. My case is airtight. If you evaluate the [expletive] contract with the antigraft law, it is a mirror of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Law…

If you will force my hand, I will throw my last card. If you refuse, okay… Then I will suspend the writ of habeas corpus. And I will drag you here for widespread economic sabotage… I want them all to face me here. I will face them one by one — the [expletive] lawyers who made the contract. And who were the MWSS officials involved? And I will ask them: What the fuck did you do and screwed the country?

(President Duterte on Maynilad Water Services, Inc. and Manila Water Company, Inc. over what he called the “onerous” 1997 water concession agreements they entered into with the government)


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