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Face masks go haute, hot


ANGELES CITY In times of want, the Kapampangan always shows his knack for elevating the ordinary, even the unusual, into something exceptional.

As in the cuisine mole crickets and frogs turned to exotic dishes in times of pestilence and wars of long ago. So, in the couture, this time of the pandemic.

Leave it to Kapampangan designers, the all-too-plain face mask has gone haute fashionably elegant, high class, to become one hot item in this ever-upwardly moving society, the pandemic be damned.

Aye, keeping safe from Covid-19 in high style, only the Kapampangan way. Let the pictures do the bragging now:

Frederick Policarpios dazzle the eyes.

Marlon T
uazon goes elegant black.

Glen Canlas opts for the leafy.

Richie Bondoc is into green too.

Jojo Macapinlac goes gauzy.

Rich Sabihan captures art.

Cho Regala goes tartan plaid.

Caroline Simeon repurposes callado.

Mich Viray
pairs her mask with a bandanna.

Pidayit by Philip Dizon Torres masks with matching bandannas too.

And Rop Syquia going the full nine yards with PPE inspired outfits.

Aye, who would ever think such plain a thing, thougessential to life, as a face mask could be one fashionable must?

Only the Kapampangan.

*With the designers FB photos


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