Ex-FG Mike Arroyo bats for PNoy term extension


    CITY OF SAN FERNANDO – Former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo wants Pres. Aquino’s term extended “so he can blame the strong president more.”

    In his recent Facebook post, Arroyo declared his wife, former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as “the most powerful president in history” and explained this.

    He noted that Mrs. Arroyo, who is facing graft and corruption charges filed under the Aquino government, has been “in detention for more than three years in a 18 square-meter hospital room, with very limited visiting hours, no cellphones and computers, allowed only to walk for one hour a day, denied bail several times, denied access to external medical attention, furloughs.”

    Despite this, Arroyo said his wife “is constantly being blamed for record breaking corruption thru misuse of billions of public funds, worsening poverty and hunger, rampant killing of journalists, MRT-LRT malfunctions, flash floods and monstrous traffic, non-inclusive economic growth, absence of any worthwhile infrastructure development, increase of crime rate in key cities.”

    “All these are caused by an ailing grandmother restricted by hospital detention that miraculously rendered an administration that controls all institutions helpless and immobilized for more than four years,” he said.

    He ended his message saying: “Let’s extend PNoy’s term so he can blame the strong president more.”

    As of yesterday noon, the post garnered 158 likes and 57 comments. One Daniel Mather lauded Mrs. Arroyo, saying “her gentleness under persecution is the true hallmark of a graceful leader under pressure and, needless to say, sterling breeding.”

    Shareen Ismael commented: “What Noynoy is blaming PGMA for is what his administration is doing, even worse.”

    Datu Lito Bangkas said: “It’s tantamount to bartolina reserved only for hardened criminals. I pity her.” For Danilo Vidar, the President should “include his coughing and thinning hair” among things to be blamed on Mrs. Arroyo.


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