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“European Pork: the Smart Choice” Kickoff Event in Manila

Left to right: Jose Primo Santos from the Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Office; Antonio Tavares from Filporc; Silvia Torices, counselor from the Spanish Embassy’s Economic and Commercial Office; Pablo Recio, Managing Director of EIBENS; Therese Yousico, Trade Officer from the delegation of the European Union to the Philippines; Precious Chua-Yu, Secretary of the Philippines Association of Meat Processors Inc. (PAMPI); Edward Bugia, Executive Chef and Restaurant Consultant; Daniel de Miguel, International Director from Interporc; Christopher Gococo, Executive Chief of Staff from the Office of the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Manila; and Sheryl Sabio, Ham Carver from Txanton.

Manila, Philippines – On March 28, the “European Pork, the Smart Choice” campaign kick-off event was held in Manila, successfully promoting high-quality European pork from Spain and Portugal to Filipino professionals. This event marked the official launch of a three-year promotional campaign, which has ushered in a new era for the export trade of European pork to the Philippines.

F&B professionals, such as importers, distributors, traders, chefs, and HORECA professionals, were invited to participate in the event. The European Delegation, as well as the Embassy of Spain and Honorary Consulate of Portugal attached great importance to the campaign, with representatives attending the event and delivering welcome speeches. During the event, the campaign organizers, Interporc and Filporc, delivered a speech emphasizing the crucial role of the Filipino market in promoting European pork from Spain and Portugal. They highlighted how it distinguishes itself from other pork origins, offering unparalleled business opportunities.

“EU Pork, The Smart Choice” Experts’ Roundtable (left to right): Pablo Recio, Moderator; Mr. Edward Bugia, Chef, Mimi and Bros; Ms. Sheryl Sabio, Ham Carver, Txanton; Mr. Daniel de Miguel, International Director of Interporc.

Currently, the Philippines ranks as the second-largest meat market by volume in the ASEAN region, following Vietnam, and fifth in Asia, with a projected 32% increase in the next five years. As such, the Philippines holds great significance for European pork producers, and will be a market intensively cultivated in the upcoming years.

Furthermore, the event organizer presented to the attendees the campaign entitled “European Pork, the Smart Choice”. The introduction covered the campaign’s objectives, key messages, main content, and potential areas for collaboration. The attendees were also informed about the successful practices of Spain and Portugal in pig farming and pork production. Further discussions were carried out among the attendees, with a focus on the unique features of European pork and various engaging topics.

In recent years, the Philippines has experienced notable socio-economic development, resulting in the increased demand for diverse meat varieties. Among these, pork has emerged as the most favored meat type, encompassing a substantial fraction of the overall meat consumption in the country. The significant market share and escalating market demand for meat have gained appreciation from global pork-exporting countries, including the European Union.

Pig farming is a significant agricultural sector in the EU, with pork products being the second-largest export category.

With a legacy of thousands of years of experience in pig breeding and centuries of technological advancements, the European Union has developed its current “Farm to Fork” strategy. This approach is grounded in strict standards for safety, quality, traceability, animal welfare, and sustainability.

By tracing the entire production process and adhering to industry standards, the European Union has established itself as the epitome of high-quality pork production around the world. European Pork-superior quality and delicious taste has become the consumer’s preferred choice.

The promotion campaign “EU Pork, the Smart Choice”, promoted by Interporc and Filporc, the Spanish and Portuguese Associations of the Pork Sector and financed with aid of the European Union, is a set of online and offline promotional activities that will take place over three years in three Asian markets (China, Vietnam and the Philippines) to promote pork from Spain and Portugal.


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