Escudero’s charisma alarming

    Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero could be the youngest candidate for president next year should he pushes through. He will turn 40 in October, making him eligible to vie for the position. He is usually being compared to US Pres. Barack Obama due to his charisma and eloquence. He has been consistently ranked among the top 5 in surveys for presidential candidates in 2010.

    The more he talks, the more people listen. His eloquence is his most powerful asset. And his age is an advantage, especially for a country that has a majority young population. In his recent visit at the Angeles University Foundation Medical Center (AUFMC) in Angeles City last Thursday (May 21), Escudero found himself entangled with a huge and enthusiastic crowd. Almost everyone lines up to have a picture with him. Most of the AUFMC medical staff, including doctors stepped out of their labs and offices to shake his hand and be photographed with him.

    Escudero was the guest of honor in the opening of the Essensa Spa at AUFMC, owned by by the equally energetic and smart Flor I. Arrozal.

    In a brief encounter with the media, Escudero said that he will formally announce his official candidacy for president when he is “fully qualified.” Escudero said the country needs a new, young and dynamic leader.

    “I want to see a young leader in 2010. Someone who embodies the generation to which the majority of Filipinos belong right now. The next leader should also follow the law and execute the laws. We haven’t been inspired for the longest time, our next leader must be able to do that,” Escudero said.

    Escudero’s detractors have belittled his capability to become the country’s next leader because of his age and alleged inexperience. Of course, the camps of Vice Pres. Noli de Castro, Sen. Manny Villar and Sen. Mar Roxas are now weighing Escudero’s chances in the presidential polls.

    But Escudero believes that being young is not a handicap. “No one can boast anything based from experience because those with long experience in government have made big fools of us. Experience has not served this country well,” he said. Escudero, by the way, is not inexperienced after all. He was a three-term congressman before he was elected senator.

    Aside from his alarming charisma that could eventually hurt his possible opponents, Escudero is one fine genetleman who stands on real issues that affect the common people, particularly those in the labor and agricultural sector.

    Just recently, Escudero asked government to provide more support to the dairy industry to cut down on imports and lessen foreign exchange spending. The Philippine government currently imports 85 percent of its annual dairy needs.

    Milk and dairy products have dislodged wheat as the country’s top agricultural import based on the latest report of the National Dairy Authority. Imports of milk and dairy products during the first half of 2007 reached 152.4 million liters valued at $302.31 million while local milk production during the same period was only 3.1 million liters worth $7.9 miion. 

    Last year, Escudero filed SB 2670 to amend the National Dairy Act of 1995 (RA 7884) in order to step up development of the domestic dairy industry and regulate the entry of milk products more tightly.

    Escudero said that even if we have the Philippine Carabao Center in the Science City of Munoz, lack of cold storage facilities limits wholesale buying. The farmers’ cooperatives that usually buy fresh milk from the carabao center could not stock the dairy in longer periods.

    Aside from calling for the establishment of more dairy facilities, the senator also called for the creation of breeding farms to ensure quality animal stocks and continuous training of dairy technicians. 

    Escudero is one tough cookie to outsmart. His intelligence, eloquence and charisma make him one of the strongest contenders in the 2010 presidential elections. That is if there will be elections. Remember Charter Change?


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