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Diocese of Balanga non-partisan, bishop assures


BALANGA CITY — Bishop Ruperto C. Santos of the Diocese of Balanga on Friday made the assurance that they are non-partisan and are offering their services and assistance in the 2022 elections through their Diocesan Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV).

“Being involved in politics but non-partisan, our main trust is that all are being educated, helped and assisted to exercise their right to vote, and rightfully counted,” the Bataan prelate said.

He said that their Diocesan PPCRV with their priest-director Father Noel Nuguid and assistant director Father Anthony Sibug and Brother Joel Danque, diocesan lay over-all coordinator, work and coordinate with all concerned in the coming elections.

The Diocese of Balanga, the bishop said, is one with the Commission on Elections, Philippine National Police, and Department of Education for safe and peaceful, clean and honest, fair and free elections.

“We assure them of our cooperation and collaboration. We offer our prayers, our participation for Comelec re-orientation for electoral boards and assure them of our services and assistance through the PPCRV in these elections,” Santos said, noting that the 2022 election is the people’s sovereign right and duty and about the future of the family.

“It is our judgment call on our political candidates. Thus, we must take it seriously and truthfully. We must go out and vote. Vote for the praise and glory of God, for the good of our country, for the welfare and well-being of all, regardless of color, creed and custom,” he enthused.

Santos said the Diocese of Balanga offers Novena Masses from April 30 to May 8, 2022 to implore Almighty God to guide voters to do their duty according to His will and in observance of His commandments for the good of those people entrusted to their care and for the sanctification and salvation of all.

Mass on April 30 is for the voting public that they go out and vote according to their conscience, free choice and on the basis of God’s Commandment; May 1, for the provincial Comelec officials that they may be firm, faithful and fearless in their duties; May 2, for the provincial PNP as they live up to their calling “to protect and serve”; May 3, for the DepEd electoral boards that they will be safe, strong and with sound health.

May 4 is for the political candidates that they resort to God and to do His ways and follow His ways; May 5, for the supporters of those political candidates to practice mutual respect, common courtesy, good manner and right conduct.

May 6 is for those in mass media that they will be medium of truth, transparency and fair service; May 7, for all of us to work for peace and progress, to do utmost self-renewal and self-sacrifice for God and country and have change of heart; and May 8, for fostering and fulfilling the advocacies of safe and fair May 9 elections.

“With our Novena Masses, we turn to God and entrust everything to Him. With our prayers, we call on God and commit ourselves to Him. We make God first, and to lead us to right and legal, moral and blessed decision on May 9,” Santos said.

The bishop, who is PPCRV Central Luzon chairman, lauded the services of provincial Comelec supervisor Lawyer Christine Garcia and the municipal poll officials, Bataan police director Col. Romell Velasco and the chiefs of police and DepEd provincial officials headed by superintendent Roland Foronda.

“We appreciate their dedication and devotion to their calling. We commend their commitment and efficiency. We assured them of Holy Masses for their safety, strength and sound health.” Santos said.



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