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Despite Christmas, the Warning


MOST OF the messages from various Marian and other supernatural apparitions worldwide were meant to be shared with all, Christmas or not, in our times.

Some protest that messages of prophetic nature could trigger panic and even be traumatic for some people. This point I had considered, but then, did not the Blessed Mother show three innocent children in Fatima in 1917 the horrors and terrors of hell? It is clear that the importance of spiritual life in eternity is such that it must be pursued in the valley of tears at any cost.

I am saying this because despite what’s supposed to be a jolly Christmas, I am pursuing my series on supernatural messages about the coming Warning, as prophesied by the Blessed Mother in several of her recent apparitions in various parts of the world and even by Jesus Himself through St. Faustina Kowalska of the Divine Mercy.

Here are more messages about the Warning, which is the first of three prophecies that include the Miracle and the Chastisement.

To Fr. Stefano Gobbi (1930-2011), priest, mystic, founder of The Marian Movement of Priests, the Blessed Mother was reported to have said: “What will come to pass is something so very great that it will exceed anything that has taken place since the beginning of the world. It will be like a judgment in miniature, and each one will see his own life and all he has done, in the very light of God.”

To Matthew Kelly (born 1973), God the Father reportedly said: “The Mini-Judgment is a reality. People no longer realize that they off end Me. Out of My infinite mercy, I will provide a Mini-Judgment. It will be painful, very painful, but short. You will see your sins; you will see how much you off end Me, every day. I know that you think this sounds like a very good thing, but unfortunately even this won’t bring the whole world into My love. Some people will turn even further away from Me; they will be proud and stubborn. Satan is working hard against Me. Poor souls, all of you, robbed of the knowledge of My love. Be ready for this judgment of Mine. Judgment is the best word you humans have to describe it, but it will be more like this: you will see your own personal darkness contrasted against the pure light of My love.”

Jesus was reported to have told Janie Garza (born 1955 in the US) as follows: “Our humble servant, the illumination that will take place will be for a short period. During this time My Father will allow all of humanity to see the state of their souls as My Father sees their souls. This will be a time of great grace when many souls will repent and return to My Father. Those souls that die will die from great shock to see the state of the darkness which exists in their souls.”

Janie then asked Our Lord Jesus: “Beloved Savior, will the illumination scare people?”

And Jesus was reported to have replied: “The fear that will inflame their hearts is the holy fear of the immense power of My Father, especially for those many souls that have continued to deny the existence of My Father. These will be the souls that will experience tremendous fear.”

Again, Janie asks: “Will all people convert?”

Jesus answered: “Many will convert, but many will not.” Again, from Janie: “Oh, Jesus, will this happen very soon?” Replied Jesus: “Our humble servant, this will happen within a short period. Do not be distracted with dates, but prepare every day with strong prayer.”

In Betania, Venezuela, the Blessed Mother was reported to have told Maria Esperanza (1928-2004) as follows: “The love of my Jesus will be the door that will open hearts to give access to a beautiful era that must revive people to a glorious teaching of unity. Take advantage of time because the hour is arriving when my Son will appear before everyone as Judge and Savior. You must be in the necessary conditions to live with Him on that Great Day. Do not think that it is distant.”

At another time, the Blessed Mother also told Esperanza: “Little children, I am your Mother, and I come to seek you so that you may prepare yourselves to be able to bring my message of reconciliation: There is coming the great moment of a Great Day of Light. The consciences of this beloved people must be violently shaken so that they may put their house in order and off er to Jesus the just reparation for the daily infidelities that are committed on the part of sinners. . . it is the hour of decision for mankind.”

In Argentina, the Blessed Mother was reported to have told Luz de Maria de Bonilla (born 1962) thus: “How close this generation is to the Warning! And how many of you do not even know what the Warning is! In these times, my faithful instruments and my prophet [Luz de María] are mocked by those who consider themselves scholars of spirituality, by those who reach millions of souls through means of mass communication. . . The Warning is not a fantasy. Humanity must be purified so that it does not fall into the flames of hell. People will see themselves, and in that moment, they will ache for not having believed, but they will have already misled.”

God the Father reportedly communicated with Fr. Michel Rodrigue of Canada, exorcist and founder of the Apostolic Fraternity of Saint Benedict Joseph Labre, the following: “Pray and be confident. I do not want you to be like the ones who have no faith and who will tremble during the manifestation of the Son of Man. On the contrary, pray and rejoice and receive the peace given by my Son, Jesus. What sorrow when I must respect free will and come to the point of giving a Warning that is also part of My mercy. Be ready and vigilant for the hour of My mercy. I bless you, My children.”


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